Monday, 5 January 2009

Where Did Those Good Intentions Go?...

Well I had every intention of starting on my Minis today, but like all good intentions it hasn't happened. First off Ben is due home today, I got a text earlier saying that he's flight has been delayed, due to a technical fault, now he's approx departure time is 4.20pm, he should have been home indoors by then. He's flying into Bristol as Cardiff don't do the internal flights from Inverness! Rang Mick to let him know, so he's sitting in a Cafe, in Bristol having a coffee. Then I get a text from Mick saying its Snowing...! So god knows what time they are going to be back tonight. Ben's due back at school tomorrow..
Secondly, I went down the Stables this morning and everything is frozen again, sorted that out, feed all the Ponies and mucked out. Came back got a load of washing on, you can see the time is ticking away. I've finally just been out to the Van to get my boxes of Fimo and let me tell you they feel frozen... I also stuck my head in the garage to have a rummage and found a Greenleaf Village Kit, that I had completely forgotten was in there. Mind you the state of the Garage, it's a wonder you can find anything... It's totally full with Dolls House's and Miniatures. Even the Cupboard's the House's are standing on are full. And see the line of Boxes down the middle, their full up as well. That's another job for the Spring/Summer, sorting that lot out. Mind you said that last year! These are old pictures of what it looks like in there, it's much worse now! That's without all the Miniatures stored in the Barn!

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synnøve said...

Hi Debbie!
Your miniatures are nice and your blog is very entertaining...thank´s for sharing pieces of your daily life...the post today was very familiar!


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