Sunday, 18 January 2009

Marlies Trunk..

Marlies just made a comment on my blog. She has been following the Making The Chest, and has made one herself and just posted her pictures on her blog Marlies and Minies. Go and have a look.
Well done Marlies, its looking good, now for the fun part filling it.
I'll be honest I haven't worked on the Chest today, as we've spent ages outside clearing up and doing repairs. Then we had the traditional Sunday Lunch and watched a film late this afternoon. I've just got out of the shower and am lounging in my PJ's. Maybe I get it finished tomorrow....


marlies said...

I have search for my leather, but didn't find it yet. Maybe tomorrow...
So you had a hard day work, I hope you could repair everything?
Happy lounging to you, * marlies

Thank you for your lovely words, sorry if my english writing is not alway's right.

Debbie said...

Your English is Great Marlies..
You can use thick card instead of leather for your straps..

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