Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Update on Harry's Accident.

For those of you that have just started reading my blog. My youngest Son Harry had quite a nasty accident at School last Thursday. (See previous posts).
Today I went to the School for a meeting with the Deputy Head Teacher. Who I must say took all my concerns on board, re the safety issues etc and we agreed that after he had looked into, all the matter's I had raised, that he would get back to me on Thursday. He did however ask me to put my concerns in writing to the Head Master. We parted with a handshake and off home I came.
About an hour later I get a phone call from reception saying that the Head P.E Teacher was on the line and they were putting him through. Well let me tell you it was not the call I was expecting, you know the one with an apology etc, etc. No what I got was a Raging Nut Case, telling me HOW DARE I QUESTION HIS CARE OF THE PUPIL'S!. I was pretty taken aback, but kept my cool and told him as a concerned parent I had every right. He then went off on a tangent about a completely different matter and I had to bring him back to the issue. I then gave him the what if scenario and he's answer was NOW YOUR COMPLETELY GOING OVER THE TOP. I had my friend here at the time and Mick who couldn't quite believe what they were hearing. Mick wanted to get on the phone to him. but I wouldn't let him, cause I knew what would have happened. The teacher was like a raving lunatic, now if that's how he speaks to an adult, how does he speak to the kid's.
I got straight back on the phone to the Deputy Head, and told him what had happened, and told him in no uncertain terms that I was not a Happy Bunny and if that teacher had been in front of me, talking as he was I would have punched him straight in the gob.. The Deputy Head, then tells me that he'd had a row with him over it this morning. Obviously the P.E. Teacher knows that he is in the wrong and just having had a row with the Deputy Head, got on the phone to me to vent his rage. Well he picked the wrong one to start on cause I've written to the Head and lets put it this way, I think the proverbial Shit is now going to hit the fan...


kimsminiatures said...

WOW Debbie, I don't even know what to say. I'm sorry you are going to have to get nasty. I'm going computer shopping Mine isn't getting better. I'll be back soon.
WOW I'm shocked this is a teachers reaction to a parent.

rosanna said...

And I think he deserves to take it on his nasty face. Kill him - professionally speaking- hugs to harry who has to stand such a fience

Dragonstar said...

I should effing well think so! It sounds like he thinks 'attack is the best form of defence', but he's made a mistake taking on a Mother! Nail him!!!

Kathy said...

You go Girl! Don't let him get away with talking to you that way. Stand your ground. I am so sorry to hear of things like this, but I too have had things go like this and it does take you back a minute.
He does need a punch or two in the snoot! Hugs Kathy

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