Thursday, 24 May 2012

Garden Project ..

 Since I wrote about my little strip of Earth, down the side of the Cabin on the 8th May. I've been working really hard to get it finished. I've been painting all the Fencing white, put up some Trellis, painted the walls white and shifted through bags and bags of our own homemade compost, to remove any stray weed roots and planting Plants. I'm also putting a really big Tub/Pot at the end of the bed in front of the Trellis, which will either have a Climbing Rose in it or some Clematis. Most of the plants I've used in the bed, are highly scented. Which include English and French Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary and Dianthus. When they've filled out a bit, the air should be filled with lovely scent, that will waft in the windows of the Cabin.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Julie Campbell Doll Artist...

If you were following my friend Julie Campbell on her blog Bellabelle Dolls. Please make sure you update your blog feed with Julie's new blog address, Julie Campbell Doll Artist. Otherwise her new blog will not show in your blog feed.
Please pop over to Julie's new blog and read why she's decided to change the name. Julie has also updated her web site .
I have updated the link in my side bar, so that any of you that link from me, can continue to do so.
Please be aware, that the picture used in this post, is Copyright to Julie Campbell and should not be used without the Artists express permission.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Decorating More Boxes..

On a previous post, I showed you the Moppe Boxes from IKEA, that I've been decorating.

I've still got quite a few to do and a bookcase to paint. But I'm getting there.
Nikki & Wendie, have also been decorating theirs, pop over to their blogs for a peek.
Over the Weekend, I've also been working on the strip of soil that runs down the side of the cabin.  Its approximately 16ft long by about 5ft wide. It has got totally over grown and was completely full of weeds and other old Rubbish. It all started great, until I managed to uproot the water pipe that runs down to the Stables and Yard. It was a case of water, water everywhere. Luckily, I hadn't put the fork through the pipe, but as I lifted it, thinking it was a huge root, the pipe came out of the connector. Thankfully, it was just a case of turning off the water, undoing the connector and reinserting the hose. I then dug a channel to see where the rest of the pipe run, so that I didn't puncture it with the fork. There is also an electric cable that runs through this bed, but that's in armoured cable.

Back breaking work, as there is so much slate in the ground, I could hardy move on Monday, but I'm so pleased, that I actually managed to do something constructive again. I've laid some old cardboard on the top, to suppress any weeds, until I can get the wall back up, compost on there to build it up, plant some sweet smelling plants and then mulch with either bark or gravel. There is also a little fence going up, to stop the Dogs getting on there. I couldn't do anything out there yesterday, as we had more drought, falling from the sky..

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Never To Be Seen Again..

Over a year ago, I had a Birthday give away and the lovely Alison of Bliss Miniatures won.
So I packed the parcel, stuck on the appropriate customs form and By Air sticker, took it to the post office and off it went.
Where it went, neither I or Alison have any idea. Its one of the many Parcels that get lost in the Post. Never to be seen again.
I only found this out by chance, as I was speaking to Alison on Facebook. Well, I was mortified, that she hadn't received it, so I sorted out some more bits and pieces for Alison. Packed them, stuck on the appropriate customs form and the By Air sticker, took it to the Post office and off it went again.
Thankfully, it was second time Lucky and Alison, received her parcel. I forgot in my haste to take a picture of the contents of the parcel, so I've borrowed one of Alison's.
I hope you have Fun Alison, with the contents of your Parcel.. xxx

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I've been really busy the last few weeks, helping my friend Traci, with her West Wales Mini Extravaganza Blog. We went to the Show on Sunday and since then, we've been getting results for the show sorted.
I've just done a blog post on our Hericus Blog, if you'd like to see the pictures. It is quite photo heavy.
Harry, Courtney & Warrior, had a very good day. Well done Team Hericus, you should be very proud of yourselves.
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