Sunday, 2 November 2008

Miniature Blog..

Was looking through some Miniature sites last night and came across a really informative Miniature blog called Casey's Minis. Spent a couple of hours reading through it, there's loads of tips and tutorials on there.
Here's a couple more that might interest you More Minis. This one has loads of links.
Jean Day Miniatures there's some lovely Miniatures on there and more great ideas.


Rhea said...

Dang, what a cool site! I love the idea of making miniatures. I wasn't sure what you meant at first by miniature animals or what, but I think you meant tiny houses and such, right?

Debbie said...

Hi Rhea,
I love all things Miniature. I did mean Dolls house miniatures, but I also breed and show Miniature Shetland Ponies. Have a look at my other blog Hericus that one is all about my Ponies. Deb x

Auralea said...

Hi Debbie.
It's great to know that someone is surfing for miniatures blogs! I just started mine and hope to add a lot of tips and projects. I have just started trading links with my favorite sites. These are the 2 things I look for in a good blog as well. On a side note my mother lived in Whales! Beautiful Country!!!


Auralea said...

Hi it's Auralea. I posted a comment to you and spelled Wales wrong!!!!
I was sooo tired when I wrote that. Now my boyfriend is laughing at me. :)

So sorry!

Pandora said...

I really like your blog - very interesting site. I am in the process of putting my miniatures on a blogspot too and it is great to find people of similar interests - I thought I was the only one! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Completely out of context, but I found this info concerning Miniatures:

"It turns out that the son of the late, Ron Stetkewicz will be attending the 2010 Philadelphia Miniaturia in Cherry Hill, NJ this November 5th. I don’t believe he has a booth but is just attending the preview. Then would be the time to talk with him about what you are looking for. His father used to make all the brass hardware in the industry and now his son is going to begin doing it also. Its not that far from where you live, Agnes, so maybe we can meet there. I hope all is well with your husband, and you can make it to the show. Love and Blessings, Midge."

seema said... miniature animals or what, but I think you meant tiny houses and such, right

seema said...


playmobil said...
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shekhar said...

very nice blog

shekhar said...

very nice blog

Lia Ray said...

really creative blog you found. Cool

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