Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Candy Canes...

I had to have a marathon sort out today, trying to find all my tools, that I use for my Miniatures. I eventually found them and all my cutters, after searching for about 3 hours, in a box in the Boot Room!
I've made some Candy Canes this evening, well I cheated, instead of making Fimo canes, I used Striped Paper Clips. There so easy to make and are all a uniform size. I've taken some pictures to show you how to do it.
First of all open the paper clip so it resembles an "S" shape. You can then see that you can get one large cane and one small cane. With a pair of wire snips, separate the two halves. Then snip off any wire that is too long, either on the curve or the straight bit. The longer bits you snip off, can be used as candy sticks.. You now have Candy Canes, how easy is that.


mary said...

are you trying to wear yourself out. phone soon

Anonymous said...

What a cool idea. Thanks for sharing x hel x

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