Sunday, 2 November 2008

Honeydukes Floor Finished...

This evening I managed to finish the floor in the Honeydukes room box. I started off by mixing a grey acrylic wash, waited for it to dry and then sponged on a darker grey. I use the cheap washing up sponges to do this, the ones with the green scourer on top, and a thick sponge underneath. I Cut the sponge in to equal pieces and use a separate piece for each colour.I then mixed an even darker grey and sponged that on and finished of with black and a bit of dry brushing, also with black. Its come up really great and looks just like slate flag stones. So at least I didn't have to resort to plan B. I've just put a matt vanish over the top to protect it.
After having a discussion this evening with Ben, I've taken out the old electrics and the wooden beams, he thinks it would look better with the old fashioned globe lights, hanging from the ceiling. Think I have to agree with him, it also makes it much easier to decorate the ceiling.

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