Friday, 28 November 2008

A New Follower..

I have another new follower Ingrid... Welcome Ingrid to my world.
Ingrid is from the Netherlands and also has a blog about her Miniatures.. Here's the link to Ingrid's blog: Huize Libelle.
Go and have a look, there's some lovely Mini's on there. I really like the Sun Dial. Ingrid also has a button on her blog to translate from Dutch to whatever language is yours..

1 comment:

rosanna said...

Good afternnon Debbie,
I am a newly comer in this mini world but I've often found your comment on Christel's blog thus I became curious and I'd a look on yours.
I eagerly follow the progress of your sweet shop and Diagon Alley. My son Matteo ( who plays rugby as weel as your Harry) and I are potter's fans. thank you Rosanna

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