Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Still can't shake this virus, was up at 3am coughing, took some linctus, but every time I laid back down, I started coughing again. Finally went back off to sleep about 5am, but was up again by 8am.

Mick's car had to go in for an MOT this morning, so followed him to the garage to drop the car off. Did a quick trip to the shop then straight back home as Harry had his friend Tom over for the day. Anyway the bloody car never passed its MOT, so its staying at the garage for them to sort out whats wrong and then re MOT it. I wouldn't mind but we only use the bloody thing around the smallholding and when we need to pull the horse trailer.

Karen & Lisa came over to help me sort out Athena's passport and stayed for lunch. I think Lisa would have liked to have taken the Kitten home with her. It laid in her arms like a baby and went fast asleep.

Roofers never turned up today, so have no idea if they are coming tomorrow or not? It's such a pain waiting around for people.

All my Miniatures sold on Ebay today, so I'm well pleased with that. Will have to do some listings tomorrow as I never had time today..... The Picture is of the Harvest Vegetable Board that I will be listing tomorrow.... If this is the first time you've visited my blog, please look at the older posts and you can see how I made this.

Monday, 29 October 2007


How Cute is this Picture of Harry & the Kitten, both conked out on the sofa...
Yesterday got Ben's stuff ready and repacked his case!! Mick took him to the school at 11.30pm to pick up the coach. He's off to Paris. Had a text from him about 1pm today to say they were on their way to the Hotel and that he was OK. Texted back to say hope he has a lovely time and to enjoy himself. Seems really strange not having him here and on the phone.... He's back on Thursday evening.

Harry went out with the Scouts today for a hike and to learn about woodlands, and how to identify tree's. He got home about 3.30pm and said that he'd had a really good time. He's just got out of the shower. Just realised what a handsome son I have under all that dirt!
The Roofers didn't arrive until about 1.30, they put up their scaffolding and off they went again.
Hopefully, they will be here bright and early tomorrow to start on the roof. Well we can only live in hope.
Not been up to much today, just the normal stuff, sorting out the horses etc... Really need to get on with making some more miniatures.
Been trying to read one of my customers blog for the last couple of days but the page has disappeared. Faith if your reading this where's it gone...
Also had an email from Hazel today, finally got her postal order through the post, she sent it before the postal strike, but the amount was wrong so emailed her to let her know. She sent out two postal orders one for me and one for someone else. Mine being for the larger amount, but the names had got confused on the postal orders and this other person has ended up with mine. Which apparently they have just cashed and not refunded Hazel, how mean is that.. But on a lighter note Hazel's daughter has had a Baby Boy named Evan and it sounds like they are over the moon... Congratulations...
Will be doing some new listings on Ebay tomorrow, but haven't quite decided what to put on there yet.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Pictures Or The Lack Of..

Been having a real job trying to upload pictures onto my blog. Have no idea whats causing the problem. Its taken nearly an hour to load these two pictures!! We think its to do with the firewall on the PC.
The Kitten is so cute, really into everything now, but still wants cuddles and if you don't pick it up it cries and sounds like Donald Duck!
Was going up to upload some more pictures of the bits that I've got on Ebay this week, but it just won't let me. Managed to get a picture on here of the Roast Beef & Potatoes. But other then that no PICTURES. Its doing my head in... If you want to see what I have listed just click on the link to my ebay listings.

Friday, 26 October 2007


Managed to get some bits on Ebay yesterday, having some problems with Ben's PC at the moment. If you have the firewall on, it won't let you connect to the Internet... I really must get my laptop sorted out.
Still got this bloody virus, its 3 weeks now, coughed so much yesterday, that it made me sick and I really hate being sick... Mick's been waking up more often in the night with his back and coughing, so I feel exhausted. Felt really cold this morning. But still had the Horses to muck out. Have dosed myself up with cough medicine and paracetamol so hopefully will start feeling better soon.
I'm having real trouble loading pictures on to my blog, so don't know whats up, whether the problem is with blogger or us?
Plaster is drying out nicely in the utility room, so hopefully by next week I'll be able to get some paint on the ceiling and walls. Then the new units can go in. Must take some pictures of work in progress.
Got loads of miniatures on the go, must really try and get some finished this week and get them listed.
Anyway got loads of washing to do, Ben's off to Paris on Monday, so want to make sure all the bits he's taking are clean....

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Catch Up....

Well my friend Christine arrived safe & sound on Sunday, we picked her up from Carmarthen Station. Showed her round the place as she's never been here before. Then we all sat down to a lovely Roast of Welsh Lamb with all the trimmings.
The Kitten is doing really well, but is thoroughly spoilt, wants cuddles all the time, I was walking round with it tucked in my sweatshirt last night cause it kept crying to be picked up, as soon as I picked it up, it started purring...
Monday had to disconnect the washing machine again ready for Colin to do the plastering.
Harry went back to school on Tuesday, he's still not over this virus and neither are Mick and I, it seems to be hanging around. Went into Carmarthen on Tuesday, to get Harry a new phone for his birthday. Colin and Andy arrived to plaster the Utility room, which now looks fantastic...
Wednesday was Harry's 12th Birthday, he was really pleased with his phone and the other bits and pieces we got him. He also got money from his Nan & Grandad, Cousin Mandy and Aunt Joanne. My friend Christine brought his Birthday Cake for him. Took Chris to the station to get her train back. Met Tash The Boot Sale Queen at School home time so she could give Harry his pressie, they brought him a DVD, that he wanted and which we all watched last night.
Mick's parents left for home this morning. So its major catch up with everything now, emails, listing on Ebay and washing!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

New Arrival

I've really let my blog slip this week, been really busy, trying to get the house straight.

Colin our builder was supposed to have been on Friday to plaster the Utility room, but unfortunately, his van is off the road. Wasn't best pleased cause the washing machine had to be disconnected and the dishwasher!! So washing machine has now been reconnected so I can get the boys school uniform done. Hopefully Colin will be here Monday or Tuesday to do it...

On Thursday we had a knock at the door from a new neighbour asking us if we had lost a kitten. She had it tucked in her coat, apparently she had found it in the hedge late on Wednesday evening and she took it indoors. Told her that no we didn't have any kittens, but if she couldn't find out who it belonged to we would have it, if she wasn't keeping it herself. So Thursday evening we had another knock at the door, asking if we still wanted the kitten as the RSPCA couldn't take it as they are inundated with Cats & Kittens at the moment. Said Yes we'd take it. Rang the lady at the RSPCA, who funnily enough had already home vetted us when we first moved here and told her we would be keeping the kitten. Which was quite a relief for them.

The girl that found the Kitten called back yesterday afternoon, to see how the kitten was doing and brought it loads of food and a lovely little Igloo for it to sleep in. Which I thought was really kind of her. Boys are pleased that we are keeping it. but haven't decided on a name as yet as I'm not 100% sure whether its a girl or not...

Mick's Mum and Dad arrived about 8pm last night, they'd been on the road since 12.30. It was just slow moving traffic on the motorway. My friend Christine is also coming up tomorrow for a couple of days.

Today we've been down the Stable Yard sorting out all the wood from the heap to go on a fire, so I know where to find Mick & his Dad later down in the little paddock with a huge bonfire.

Harry's still feeling a bit under the weather, but Ben's gone out with his friends to Carmarthen for the day.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Blog Lapse...

No Blog for the last couple of days. Sorry if you pop in every day...
Well whats happened?
Ben went back to school yesterday, he's still a bit bunged up, but well enough to go back.
We popped into Carmarthen yesterday, as I needed to get a new Loo seat for the shower room. We have only recently put a new one on, but it was too small. You took your life in your hands if you sat on it, cause suddenly it would move. Anyway got the right size this time, so at least you can sit in comfort! Also did some food shopping at Tesco, and picked up a couple of bits for Harry's birthday, next week. Not saving what, cause the boy's read my blog. Called into Argos as I wanted some big storage bags to store my towel's and bed linen in. There is no storage cupboards in this place, whereas in our other house we had loads.
Called in to see Tash on the way home for a cuppa, both Brandon & Tyler wanted to come home with us. Bless them. I would have brought them back, but the place is upside down and not the best place for two little ones to be running around at the moment. So promised as soon as we are straight they can come over.
When we got back there was a message on the answer phone from the school nurse, so rung the school and Harry had been in to her during the day, saying that he felt a bit under the weather, but she needed our permission to give him Paracetamol.
Well by the time Harry got in from school, his temperature was sky high! He had his tea, put on his PJ's and was in bed asleep by 7.30pm. I checked on him about 10.30pm and his temperature was really high again so gave him a drink and more Paracetamol. So he's off school now!
Merlin & Jasper have both gone to the Dog groomers this morning for a long needed bath and cut. Will pick them up around 4pm... Nearly up to date with all the stuff that needed washing, but have all the bed linen to do now.
Haven't had time to finish my miniatures, so best I get my finger out.. Got loads of stuff already made, but do like to list some new items every week. The bits that finish tomorrow all have bids on them, which is fantastic.. (There is a link to my Ebay on this blog).
Still awaiting stuff in the post. Poor Hazel must be going frantic has I still haven't had her payment through the post yet, still maybe it will come today....

Saturday, 13 October 2007


No blog yesterday. Was really busy, trying to get the house sorted. Spent most of the day doing washing and getting it dry..There is still loads to do. Found loads of clothes out in the static, which all needed a freshen up. The bin men must have loved me yesterday, I put out four big black bags of rubbish and four recycling bags and loads of flattened boxes.

Colin our builder called into see us late Friday morning, we ended up chatting for ages. Showed him the new ponies, he just laughed and said I thought you wasn't getting anymore.. Colin and his team were brilliant when they did the house and we had a really good laugh with them.

Today I've been cleaning the boys sitting room from top to bottom, finally put up the curtain pole in there and hung the curtains, another job ticked off my list. Repacked the boxes of miniatures that I've been sorting out and put them out in the caravan. Did manage to find a couple of miniature tables, so will start on them shortly.

Harry's gone to stay over his friend Paul's house tonight and we are picking him up tomorrow around 5pm. Ben's been a bit lost today, as Katie's gone off to a concert with her friend.

Have listed a few items on Ebay, but will have to get my finger out and list some more. Have put a couple of pictures on here, of whats on Ebay.

The Stallions winter coats arrived this morning, so their both now sorted for the winter. I'm still waiting for so much post, hope now it will start to get back to normal...

Thursday, 11 October 2007


Well today has been OK. Took 16 parcels to the post office for posting. Posted them all 1st Class, but god knows when my customers will receive them. I'm in sympathy with the postal workers as they have a crap job, out in all weathers etc, but couldn't they have just worked to rule. At least that why some of the post would have got through. Spoke to our postie before the dispute, and she said she was going into work as she couldn't afford to lose the pay. Can you imagine the back log, it will take weeks to get back to normal and now their having lightening strikes.. Will there or won't there be a strike next week. Your guess is as good as mine.
Anyway, I actually got some post today which is well overdue. Also received a parcel from America. This all sounds pretty good at the moment doesn't it... But its not! I brought 45 miniature trays from a lady on eBay on 11Th September. Never heard anything, in the mean time I've been getting stuff that I ordered after this, again from America, but different sellers within 7 days! kept emailing no answer. I had checked the feedback before buying and everything looked OK. But decided I check it again as it had been so long without contact. God you should have seen it, absolutely appalling. So alarm bells start ringing and I filed a dispute with Paypal. She then contacts me via the dispute council to say that her son was in a car crash, he is in & out of a coma. So I write back saying I'm sorry to hear this, but have you posted my items or not.
She then replys no but had posted them that day.! Well as I said the parcel arrived today and whats in there not the 45 trays I brought & paid for but 28... So I sent her another email via the dispute council to see what she has to say about it. If you want to have a look for yourselves the ebay seller ID is montauk9. Someone has actually written on there if you can't cope with your son being ill and running your shop, then close the shop, until he's better. And because they are leaving her Negative Feedback she is doing the same to them.. So looks like I might have my first negative very shortly!!!
Rang The Boot Sale Queen tonight to check up on Callum and he's home and doing ok...

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Wrapping & Packing

I spent most of the morning after mucking the horses out, wrapping & packing my miniatures, ready for them to go in the post tomorrow. Was told yesterday that their going on strike again Monday for a full week. Its a bloody nuisance, I'm waiting for loads of stuff in the post, and I'm sure my customers aren't very pleased either.
Ordered Cravat & Kai, their stable rugs today from Robinson's, they are guaranteed to be here by Friday by courier.. So they will be sorted for winter.
Meiron the JCB man has been round tonight to give us a quote on some ground work we need doing. Hopefully that will be done in November and we can get the static caravan moved from outside the lounge window. At the moment its completely blocking out the light and the view of the drive and fields behind. Eventually I will use it as my work room, until we can afford to have the extension done on top of the garage and boot room.
Also been trying to catch up with the mounds of washing. There was loads of stuff still out in the caravan and it smelt musty, so have had the washing machine on the go all day non-stop. Also washed all the winter coats that were covered in muck and mud, ready to get covered in muck & mud again.
Still feeling pretty rough, had a rough night, my whole body aches, but aye ho, still got animals to look after etc..
The Boot Sale Queen rang me quickly today. Her eldest son Callum had to have his tonsils out today. The poor little sod had his operation, but was bleeding quite badly, the surgeon wasn't happy, so they had to take him back into theatre again. Tash is staying at the hospital with him tonight. Get Well Soon Callum we love you lots..
Don't think I'll be making any mini's tonight, will have to dig some stuff out of my stock boxes to put on Ebay...

Tuesday, 9 October 2007


Well today I have spent clearing out the static caravan that we have. Its been used as a dumping ground, and to be honest the mess was getting on my wick. So I've been in there and had a bloody good sort out. At least you can get in there now without falling over something!! Want to move my miniatures out of the garage & store them in the caravan, I might be able to find everything then or maybe not...

Also had the roofers round today, about the roof on the veranda, hopefully that will be done within the next two weeks, before winter sets in. It will look much better with slates on it instead of the cement board..

What ever Ben's got he's given it to me, I've got a sore throat and a streaming cold. Well we do like to share everything in this family. So I'm dosed up at the moment & drinking plenty of fluids..

My stuff on Ebay finished today and boy it was manic at the end, bids were coming in thick and fast and everything sold... Which was fantastic.

Nearly had a disaster this morning, asked Mick to pop some mini's in the oven for me, while I was checking my Ebay and he forgot they were in there. I was so lucky nothing burnt or someone would have been in big trouble....

Don't feel like making anything tonight all achy. Will be doing some more listings hopefully at the end of the week, if I every get anything finished.


Ben's girlfriend Katie, had some beautiful professional photographs taken yesterday. Thought I'd Put them on my blog... Isn't she lovely...
I'll be updating later, off to clear out the static caravan...

Monday, 8 October 2007

Peas, Peas & More Peas

I spent most of last night making miniature peas.. Shucked in a Warwick miniature colander & pea pods. Can you imagine rolling tiny, tiny balls and hundreds of them at that?.

Also make some stewing steak and steaks in metal trays. Still trying to find my little tables, as I want to do some dressed ones. Baking tables, Vegetables tables etc.

The bits I put on Ebay the other day have bids and I also have loads of watchers! I think the watching bit is a bit weird its like having stalkers..

Boys are both at school, but Ben's not been well over the weekend and not all that this morning. But he's had to go in to do Chemistry. Won't be surprised if we get a phone call later to go & pick him up.
At last people are starting to leave comments on my blog! Hi Hazel, Faith, Katie & Mary....
Mary & Ed are friends of ours who we met through Miniatures. Ed makes wonderful miniature glass. I just give him an idea of what I want and next thing you know he's made it....
I'd forgotten about my scones Mary and yes your right, I ought to make some....
I'm off now to do the horses, and get on with making some more miniatures.......

Sunday, 7 October 2007


Sorry no blog yesterday, but spent most of the day outside, trying to clear up the garden, prune back some shrubs and the fruit trees & mow the grass, its a mammoth job. Really need to concentrate on the garden next spring, want to grow my own veggies..
We had a huge bonfire last night, it was still smoking this morning even though we had hosed it down... Mick re lit it this morning to burn another load of stuff. Bet the village love us..
Also been down to see my friend Diane, who has had major surgery on her back, she looks well but tired and seems to be mobilizing well. Rachael was there, she been out with Sophie, who'd been riding one of Di's horses.
My Miniatures that were finishing today on Ebay have all sold and three of them, the Marmalade Board, Jack o lantern and the peeled potatoes, will be going off to their new home in Germany, on Wednesday once the postal strike is over.
Just been looking at a picture that Katie emailed Ben of her in a black and white dress. Katie if your reading this you look amazing....
Need to start working on some more miniatures today, but having a bit of creative block, need to look through some boxes of bits to get some inspiration.
I've added some more links to this blog of some brilliant miniature artists, who I met on CDHM. Please have a look at their blogs...
Will update later if I can....

Friday, 5 October 2007


Spoke to Mick last night the funeral went off ok. His sister Joanne was really upset and spent all the funeral service with her head in Mick's shoulder sobbing.. Its terrible when you lose someone you love. I still desperately miss my Mum & Dad, they were both fair to young. Mum was 57 & Dad 62, and to lose them both within 2 years was devastating. I still have days where I get upset, particularly around their birthdays and christmas. My boys are always talking about them and what Nan & Pops did and where they took them. Mick's on his way back now so hopefully will be here before the boys come home from school.

Dropped the boys off at school and then popped to the market to get my fruit & veg, picked up cakes from Linda the cake lady. She was also selling off a load of flowering arranging bits, so I had a rummage through the boxes and can across some perfect miniature terracotta pots, some which actually look like little cauldrons with a wicker handle, so brought the lot... Got some idea's for them...

Had a lovely email from a lady called Faith via Ebay today, saying how much she likes my miniatures. She has only just started in this hobby. I emailed her back and said its very addictive. Hi Faith if your reading this and welcome to the miniature world... Got lots of bids already on the miniatures that I listed yesterday. Just hope they all sell. Have put a couple of pictures on here of bits that are on Ebay now. Bit worried about the postal strike as I don't know whether they will be making any deliveries at all, our local Post Office in town is open and they are still taking parcels in, but whether the sorting office are sending out I don't know...
My friend Rachael has just come down the drive on her horse to see me and have a quick catch up, she's off out now on a hack around the village.
My other friend Diane is out of hospital, so will pop down and see her soon. Hope your feeling better Di.

Thursday, 4 October 2007


Spoke to one of my old school friends Maxine last night and caught up. Also spoke to my cousin Sam who was trying to find me on Facebook!

Hi Maxine & Sam if your reading this.

Been doing some more listings on Ebay today, which has taken me all morning!!! Listed some more miniature bone china from Robert Mack and some food.

Mick has his Nan's Funeral today, just hoping everything goes ok.

It would have been my Dad's Birthday today. Happy Birthday Dad, I miss you.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007


Not a lot to report today.
Mick went back to London this morning for his Nan's funeral tomorrow, he's staying at his Mum & Dad's. He's going to see Tanya and the kids tonight.
Ben & Harry have been at school all day, so have been trying to have a tidy up and get the washing up to date again... Ben helped me with the horses when he got in.
Spoke to Tanya this evening and might be going to stay with her in November, to go Christmas Shopping. We had such a laugh last year. Thinking of driving back this time and not going by coach, else I'm stuck for getting about with out the car and I don't fancy using the buses! Just never driven all that way on my own before, there's normally someone in the car with me.. Oh well can only but try it once and see how I get on.
Will be posting some more bits on Ebay tomorrow if I get a chance, cheap listings day...

Tuesday, 2 October 2007


Been to Carmarthen this morning to get a few bits & pieces...

Came home sorted out the horses, then checked my ebay to see how my auctions are doing... Cheap listing day Thursday, so will be putting some new bits on then.

Mick's going back to London tomorrow morning for his Nan's funeral on Thursday and coming home on Friday. Ben & Harry didn't want to go and I can't blame them, they've been to enough in the past few years.

Brought Mick a Karaoke disc yesterday from Ebay and it arrived this morning! How's that for service. Also brought some stuff to make moulds with, want to make a mould of a miniature porcelain owl that I brought ages ago, so that I can fill up Eeylops Owl Emporium. Will let you know how it turns out... Once I've made the mould and the figure, I want to have a go at putting real feathers on it. Should be interesting...! I've put some better pictures on here of the bits that I've currently got listed on Ebay, the other pics were a bit dark...

Monday, 1 October 2007

The Reality Of The Horse

Thought I'd share this poem with you, want to use it on one of my scrapbook pages.

The Reality Of The Horse

The Beauty of the horse, the softness of the hair, the fragrance of the beast, it speaks to me.
The kindness of the being, the thunder of the hoof, the rhythm of the gait, all speaks to me.
The gentleness of the touch, the freshness of the breath, the kindness of the eye, it speaks to me.
The strength of his life, the taste of his speed, the trail that we take, and the life that he gives, they speak to me, and my heart.
And the heart soars.

More Pictures...

Well I've been shopping, cupboards and fridge now full. As my kids keep telling me they can't eat my miniature food....

Here's some more pictures of some of the girls... I like the pic of Athena looking through the fence at Merlin, he's bigger then her, she's such a sweet little baby.... We now have Katie, Muffy, Cameo, Jasmine, Tiger Lily, Tinkerbell, Min, Chi Chi, Athena.
Then the boys Neo, Magic, Warrior, Yum Yum, Cravat & Kai.... Cravat & Kai are both fully licensed stallions so will be starting my breeding programme next spring got to work out who's going with who & hopefully healthy Babies the year after..... Horses & Ponies are pregnant for 11 months... All my ponies are registered with the Shetland Pony Stud Book.

Princess Jasmine

Managed to take some pictures yesterday of the new pony Lisawelon Princess Jasmine. She's settled down really well. Shes a very chunky pony full of bone and will make a fantastic brood mare. She is a Cream Dun & has a really pretty face under all that mane.

Her Pedigree is Birchwood, she was bred by my friends Karen & Lisa at the Lisawelon Stud.

Grand Sire: Little Jo Of Green Meadows

Sire: Birchwood Viscount, Dam Birchwood Small Copper

Grand Dam: Birchwood Biscuit

Grand Sire: Little Jo Of Green Meadows

Dam: Birchwood Small Copper

Grand Dam: Birchwood Black Velvet.

Also took some other photos of the ponies together. Will upload them later.

Did a couple of listings yesterday on Ebay, of the stuff I've just finished. Already got bids on the stuff I listed earlier in the week. Will be listing this platter of tail on prawns later this week, the prawns are sitting on a bed of tomato & cucumber slices.
I'm of food shopping today, its like old Mother Hubboard here!
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