Saturday, 20 October 2007

New Arrival

I've really let my blog slip this week, been really busy, trying to get the house straight.

Colin our builder was supposed to have been on Friday to plaster the Utility room, but unfortunately, his van is off the road. Wasn't best pleased cause the washing machine had to be disconnected and the dishwasher!! So washing machine has now been reconnected so I can get the boys school uniform done. Hopefully Colin will be here Monday or Tuesday to do it...

On Thursday we had a knock at the door from a new neighbour asking us if we had lost a kitten. She had it tucked in her coat, apparently she had found it in the hedge late on Wednesday evening and she took it indoors. Told her that no we didn't have any kittens, but if she couldn't find out who it belonged to we would have it, if she wasn't keeping it herself. So Thursday evening we had another knock at the door, asking if we still wanted the kitten as the RSPCA couldn't take it as they are inundated with Cats & Kittens at the moment. Said Yes we'd take it. Rang the lady at the RSPCA, who funnily enough had already home vetted us when we first moved here and told her we would be keeping the kitten. Which was quite a relief for them.

The girl that found the Kitten called back yesterday afternoon, to see how the kitten was doing and brought it loads of food and a lovely little Igloo for it to sleep in. Which I thought was really kind of her. Boys are pleased that we are keeping it. but haven't decided on a name as yet as I'm not 100% sure whether its a girl or not...

Mick's Mum and Dad arrived about 8pm last night, they'd been on the road since 12.30. It was just slow moving traffic on the motorway. My friend Christine is also coming up tomorrow for a couple of days.

Today we've been down the Stable Yard sorting out all the wood from the heap to go on a fire, so I know where to find Mick & his Dad later down in the little paddock with a huge bonfire.

Harry's still feeling a bit under the weather, but Ben's gone out with his friends to Carmarthen for the day.

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Leigh Russell said...

Cute cat. Your life sounds pretty idyllic. If you enjoy thrillers, you might like to check mine out - first of three coming out in the spring. My publisher describes my work as "seriously creepy" which I take as a compliment under the circumstances! In real life, I must be the least creepy person you could ever wish to meet!

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