Sunday, 7 October 2007


Sorry no blog yesterday, but spent most of the day outside, trying to clear up the garden, prune back some shrubs and the fruit trees & mow the grass, its a mammoth job. Really need to concentrate on the garden next spring, want to grow my own veggies..
We had a huge bonfire last night, it was still smoking this morning even though we had hosed it down... Mick re lit it this morning to burn another load of stuff. Bet the village love us..
Also been down to see my friend Diane, who has had major surgery on her back, she looks well but tired and seems to be mobilizing well. Rachael was there, she been out with Sophie, who'd been riding one of Di's horses.
My Miniatures that were finishing today on Ebay have all sold and three of them, the Marmalade Board, Jack o lantern and the peeled potatoes, will be going off to their new home in Germany, on Wednesday once the postal strike is over.
Just been looking at a picture that Katie emailed Ben of her in a black and white dress. Katie if your reading this you look amazing....
Need to start working on some more miniatures today, but having a bit of creative block, need to look through some boxes of bits to get some inspiration.
I've added some more links to this blog of some brilliant miniature artists, who I met on CDHM. Please have a look at their blogs...
Will update later if I can....


KatieKatastrophe said...

Thanks Debbie, the fact I got my tongue pierced helped alot, but I always wanted to get back in that dress, and now I am!

mary said...

Haven't seen any scones and jam yet, or sausage rolls, got some cake stands if you need a couple single and double,
Love the blog, keeps me upto date with the pair of you, love to mick and boys

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