Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Blog Lapse...

No Blog for the last couple of days. Sorry if you pop in every day...
Well whats happened?
Ben went back to school yesterday, he's still a bit bunged up, but well enough to go back.
We popped into Carmarthen yesterday, as I needed to get a new Loo seat for the shower room. We have only recently put a new one on, but it was too small. You took your life in your hands if you sat on it, cause suddenly it would move. Anyway got the right size this time, so at least you can sit in comfort! Also did some food shopping at Tesco, and picked up a couple of bits for Harry's birthday, next week. Not saving what, cause the boy's read my blog. Called into Argos as I wanted some big storage bags to store my towel's and bed linen in. There is no storage cupboards in this place, whereas in our other house we had loads.
Called in to see Tash on the way home for a cuppa, both Brandon & Tyler wanted to come home with us. Bless them. I would have brought them back, but the place is upside down and not the best place for two little ones to be running around at the moment. So promised as soon as we are straight they can come over.
When we got back there was a message on the answer phone from the school nurse, so rung the school and Harry had been in to her during the day, saying that he felt a bit under the weather, but she needed our permission to give him Paracetamol.
Well by the time Harry got in from school, his temperature was sky high! He had his tea, put on his PJ's and was in bed asleep by 7.30pm. I checked on him about 10.30pm and his temperature was really high again so gave him a drink and more Paracetamol. So he's off school now!
Merlin & Jasper have both gone to the Dog groomers this morning for a long needed bath and cut. Will pick them up around 4pm... Nearly up to date with all the stuff that needed washing, but have all the bed linen to do now.
Haven't had time to finish my miniatures, so best I get my finger out.. Got loads of stuff already made, but do like to list some new items every week. The bits that finish tomorrow all have bids on them, which is fantastic.. (There is a link to my Ebay on this blog).
Still awaiting stuff in the post. Poor Hazel must be going frantic has I still haven't had her payment through the post yet, still maybe it will come today....

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faithonwheels said...

Hi Debbie,
just letting you know that I am still reading your blog. I don't know about you but I never seem to get anything done when the kids are not in school.
Oh and don't talk about washing, my laundry basket is over flowing at the moment but I don't feel well enough to sort it. Good job Josh has got plenty of clothes.
Take care
Faith xx

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