Wednesday, 3 October 2007


Not a lot to report today.
Mick went back to London this morning for his Nan's funeral tomorrow, he's staying at his Mum & Dad's. He's going to see Tanya and the kids tonight.
Ben & Harry have been at school all day, so have been trying to have a tidy up and get the washing up to date again... Ben helped me with the horses when he got in.
Spoke to Tanya this evening and might be going to stay with her in November, to go Christmas Shopping. We had such a laugh last year. Thinking of driving back this time and not going by coach, else I'm stuck for getting about with out the car and I don't fancy using the buses! Just never driven all that way on my own before, there's normally someone in the car with me.. Oh well can only but try it once and see how I get on.
Will be posting some more bits on Ebay tomorrow if I get a chance, cheap listings day...

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