Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Still can't shake this virus, was up at 3am coughing, took some linctus, but every time I laid back down, I started coughing again. Finally went back off to sleep about 5am, but was up again by 8am.

Mick's car had to go in for an MOT this morning, so followed him to the garage to drop the car off. Did a quick trip to the shop then straight back home as Harry had his friend Tom over for the day. Anyway the bloody car never passed its MOT, so its staying at the garage for them to sort out whats wrong and then re MOT it. I wouldn't mind but we only use the bloody thing around the smallholding and when we need to pull the horse trailer.

Karen & Lisa came over to help me sort out Athena's passport and stayed for lunch. I think Lisa would have liked to have taken the Kitten home with her. It laid in her arms like a baby and went fast asleep.

Roofers never turned up today, so have no idea if they are coming tomorrow or not? It's such a pain waiting around for people.

All my Miniatures sold on Ebay today, so I'm well pleased with that. Will have to do some listings tomorrow as I never had time today..... The Picture is of the Harvest Vegetable Board that I will be listing tomorrow.... If this is the first time you've visited my blog, please look at the older posts and you can see how I made this.

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KatieKatastrophe said...

Hope you get better soon Debbie.
Katie xoxo

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