Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Garden Project Part 2

Well its been nearly a month since I last blogged. Time seems to be flying by this year.
Ben's home from University, for the Summer. Harry finishes his last lot of exams next week, then no more School, he's off to College in September.

Hardy Poppy ~ Garden Gnome

Hardy Poppy ~ Garden Gnome

Garden After The Rain
French Lavender

White Astilbe
Plants Filling Out
The little Garden down the side of the Cabin, has settled down beautifully and the plants are filling out nicely. Probably due to all the rain we've had.
First Bloom On The Hardy Poppy ~ Garden Gnome
New Blooms On The Lupin ~ Manhattan Lights
I'm really pleased with some hardy Poppy Plants, called Garden Gnome, that I brought from the casualty bay, at a local DIY store. I think they cost about 50p. They looked very forlorn, but since having some TLC, they've bulked up, have lots of buds on them and I've even had the first flower open.
Gate Fitted
The Gate has also been made and hung, which is brilliant as it keeps the Dogs out, but I wish, it had the same effect with the cats!.
The Cabin with View Behind
Its been quite a busy few weeks here. My oldest friend and Ben's Godmother, came to stay for a few days, which was lovely. We've been best friends, since we were three years old. We had a good old reminisce, looking at old photographs and laughed so much my sides hurt.
But I've still not managed to get the rest of the bits and pieces sorted in the Cabin.
We've had so much rain, that there was flash flooding in Wales and some of the Villages and Aberystwyth, were hit hard. To be honest, I really didn't want to be taking stuff out to the Cabin and it and I, getting soaked, before I got it in the dry. Hopefully, we've got a break in the weather, for a couple of days and I'll be able to move some more bits and pieces.
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