Thursday, 30 September 2010

Little Globes Of Goodness...

We been making some Pickled Onions. Well actually, we've been making loads of them.
So far we peeled and pickled four sacks. Just got one more sack to do, unless Mick gets any more. LOL

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Halloween House

While we were in Carmarthen, last week. I popped into TKMaxx, to have a look round. They had a few Halloween bits in, on a table there were two small Halloween Houses. I walked over and picked one up, and as I did I spied this larger one tucked under the table, with some other Halloween bits and pieces.
I debated whether to get this, or a large set of stacked Pumpkins, that also took tea lights. But as you can see, the House won out. I've had one hell of a job photographing it. If you click on the photographs, they will pop up bigger.
It takes five tea lights, not that I've tried that out yet. I showed this to my friends over on Facebook and was asked how big it was, so here's the measurement's in case anyone else is interested.
The base it stands on, measures width 14.5ins and depth is 10.5ins. The House itself measures Depth 9ins, width 12ins and the height to the top of the scalloped roof is 15ins.
I think it would look lovely decorated with Pumpkins around the House and there is plenty of room to hang things from the branches on the trees. Maybe even a little bench outside would look good, or even some Crows on the Roof...

Sunday, 26 September 2010

He's There... & Thank You...

Friday was the big day for Ben, moving to the Student Village at Aberystwyth University. He was booked in for 10am, to pick up his Key and get his room allocation, in one of the Student Houses in the Student Village. He was just praying, that he didn't get the smallest room in the house. Especially with his 6ft 3in frame. There are 6 students sharing in his house, four in rooms upstairs and two downstairs. He's in one of the downstairs room's. Which he is quite happy about, as its right near to the kitchen and the Shower Room and Toilet. There is another Bathroom and toilet upstairs. The rooms all have a single Bed, bedside cabinet, built in Wardrobe, Desk and Chair, a large bookcase mounted on the wall over the desk and a big Pin Board. Forgot to take a picture of his room. Mind you with the amount of stuff we took in there, it looked a mess, until we started putting stuff away. While Ben & Mick were sorting out his PC, Harry & I was in the communal Kitchen, cleaning the cupboards, worktops, sink and fridge. So glad I took a large bottle of flash with us and plenty of cleaning cloths. Although it was clean in there, everything felt sticky. It was squeaky clean, by the time we'd finished and smelt lovely.
We then put some of his bits into one of the cupboards, the rest of his dry food and tinned stuff are in plastic crates under his bed. The Fridge and Freezer is communal, so the six of them have to share the space. While we were there we popped to the Supermarket to stock him up with Fresh Fruit, Vegetables and some fresh meat, bag of Chips and frozen veggies for the freezer.
I spoke to him yesterday, to see how he's settled in and he said that there are now four Boys (inc Ben) and two Girls in his house. But only Ben and one of the Girl's knows how to cook! LOL Looks like Ben might be giving lessons, he does a mean stir fry. He seems to have hit it off with his House mates and they've already been in the Student Union for a drink. His friend Sam from School in in the House opposite, so its all good. Ben has his first lectures on Friday for Criminology.
I'd also like to say a huge Thank you to everyone that left comments for Ben, on my previous post, the emails we received, the phone calls and the Good Luck Cards. He really appreciated them

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Nearly There... Good Luck Ben...

I've been so busy this week, trying to get everything ready for Ben starting University tomorrow. We've only just finished packing the cars, ready for an early start in the morning. I did laugh when Ben thought he'd get everything in his car. Its been like starting a new home, I can't believe the amount of stuff they need to take with them, from the very basic stuff like salt, up to bedding, saucepans, etc.
I popped into Carmarthen, to get the remainder of the things we had forgotten today. Once we have his room sorted tomorrow, I'm going to take him food shopping, although I've already packed two boxes with cupboard stuff including Salt, Pepper, tins of Soup, Pasta, cereal, washing powder etc. I've also got him some stuff in our fridge, so must remember to put them in the car in the morning. Luckily, Ben is only going to approximately, an hour away from home up the coast. So if we have forgotten anything, we can soon get it to him.
He found out today, that one of the boys from his School, is also starting there tomorrow and is also in the Student Village where Ben is. So they have arranged to meet up tomorrow night.
I'm sure he will settle in OK, and we wish him all the Luck in the world, as he sets out on his new path and every success with his studies. The House will certainly be strange without him and I know we will all miss him.

On the miniature front, I've got quite a few things to show, and I managed to snag a fabulous Halloween miniature in TKMaxx as well today. Which I can't wait to show you all, but just haven't had time to photograph.
I also received my copy of DHMS, yesterday and my friend Kat, has written a brilliant article in there, with tutorials, so make sure you get a copy.
Off to bed now as early start tomorrow...xxxx

Friday, 17 September 2010

Happy Birthday Ben....

Today is Ben's 19TH Birthday. Happy Birthday Ben, we Love you loads...xxxx
Courtney, Ben's Girlfriend and the Daughter of Debie, came down yesterday by train to spend a long weekend. (I spoke to Debie last night, and she's having problems with her internet again, just in case any of you were wondering where she's gone).
This morning Ben got up to the stack of crates, that we have been filling for him to take to University. The bottom crate is filled with his books for Psychology, (we haven't had the book list for Criminology yet!) pad's, pens, hole punch, stapler, highlighters, post-its, folders etc. The next one up has got a huge tub of Vitamin C in it, enough Lynx body wash and soap to see him through the first academic year, First Aid kit, paracetamol, plasters, shaving cream, Carving Knives, Chopping Boards, etc.
The top crate has lots of Kitchen gadgets, glasses, Mugs, a set of Frying Pans, Cocktail Shaker (which is apparently a must have!!!), rails that fit over the radiator in his room to air his clothes and other little bits & pieces. The first box on top of the crate, contains a dinner service, the next box contains a desk fan, then on top of that is a lap tray and a hanging rail thingy, that you can hang little bits of washing on to dry..
I also filled a posh Red present box with The Marvel Encyclopedia, a Marvel T-Shirt, a set of cookery books, the Hocus Pocus DVD, Shaver, a Men's Grooming Set, a tiny Teddy Bear, and some wooden spoons and cooking utensils. I've also brought him new sheets and covers, as the bed at Uni is only a single and he has a double bed here.
His Nan and Grandad gave him a cheque and also brought him a lovely set of Saucepans from Marks and Spencers, a new quilt and pillows.
Tonight Ben has a few of his friends coming over to celebrate with him and I think there is going to be a mass camp out.....

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Apologies for the late Welcome. Some more followers have joined the throng they are:-

Christine who's blog is called Hollyhock Cottage - A Miniature Home In the 1940's.
Veselina, who's blog is called Vesper Miniatures, her miniature food is beautiful. She also has an Etsy shop.
Prince, who again I can't find any information on.
Lisa Hjulberg, who has a few blogs, so I've given the link to her profile, so you can peruse her blogs at your leisure.
laprincesasarita who again I can't find any information on.
Birgitta from Sweden who's blog is called Kul Kort Och Kort Om Kul.
Teresa who's blog is called This And That Miniatures And Life. Lots of Minis in this blog.
Sara Scales who's blog is called Minidreamz. Sara is also a member of AIM.
Kristina who's blog is called Kristina Bears. Kristina has recently made some beautiful mini boxes that she listed in her Etsy Shop.
Jenya who's blog is called Knotty By Nature. Some beautiful minis on here.
Alexander, who has a few blogs, so I've given the link to his profile.
Beatrice who's blog is called Les Miniatures De Beatrice. Beatrice is also a member of CDHM & AIM.
Barbara who's blog is called B-ijouxart. This blog is filled with Fantasy Sculpts, jewellery and lots more. I really like the little Pea Pod Troll.
Last but not least is Belen, who's blog is called El Taller De Belen. Lots of Mini's on here.
As always please pop over and say Hi....

On the home front, I've had the results back from the Super Duper blood tests and I haven't got Cushings Syndrome. I went back to the GP's surgery this morning, to discuss the results. Our family Doctor, was going to refer me to a Renal Specialist, but having looked through all the results, the only option left would be to have a Kidney Biopsy. Which means sticking a dirty great big needle into the Kidney and removing a piece. He said, that under the circumstances with everything else that is going on with me, that it's not such a great idea. He's had a letter back from the Consultant Cardiologist about the double Catheter test, and I'm just waiting for the appointment to go back into Hospital. One of the things they think it could be is that the Pericardial Sac that surrounds the Heart has tightened. This can then stop the sac expanding properly as the Heart Beats. So if the Heart hasn't got enough room, within the Sac to expand, this can cause fluid build up throughout the body. It does mean, if it is this, that they will have to open up my chest again. Unfortunately, there are some other nasty's going on with my body at the moment, which I'm waiting to go into hospital for as well. Still at least I'm still smiling. Well just...

Harry has returned to School and has already come home with a certificate for outstanding work in Drama. Well done Harry, keep it up. I've always said he'd make a brilliant actor..LOL
Ben is off to University next week. He is really looking forward to it. I'm going with him tomorrow to the University Open Day. It's his Birthday on Friday and Courtney is coming to stay from Thursday. Lets just say his Birthday Gifts are based around his new life at Uni...(including some Flash and cleaning clothes).. LOL

On the mini front, I still haven't finished the little Owls I've been working on. Hopefully, I might get some stuff done next week.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Happy Birthday Nikki....

Just a quick post to wish my Dear Friend Nikki, from over on Witch and Wizard Miniatures a very Happy Birthday today.
Hope you have lovely day Nikki, Love from All Of Us..xxxx

(Sorry Nikki, but I couldn't resit borrowing your Cat picture)....LOL

I'd also like to wish Callum a very Happy Birthday today. Hope you get lots of pressies..xxxx

Friday, 3 September 2010

The Butterfly Effect

Whilst I was browsing the Internet today, I came across this site:- Two Dresses Studio Blog written by Trudi Sissons.
On there she has written about the Butterfly Effect, an event that is being hosted by the The Holocaust Museum Houston in Texas, USA.
Please go over to Trudi's post and read all about it. Its a wonderful idea, that everyone can be involved with.
I've also shared the link on my Facebook page, and I know a few of you have already seen it.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

September AIM Magazine now on line...

Just to let everyone know that the September issue of the AIM magazine is now on line.
Its filled with some fabulous articles this month, I especially like the Steam punk article and isn't the front cover picture adorable.
I got quite a shock when I opened the magazine on page 20, and saw lots of my miniature sweet pictures in there. I'd completely forgotten that I'd sent them in.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Eeylops Owl Emporium...

Some time ago, do you remember sculpting Ollie Owl. Well, when Debie came down and she saw Diagon Alley, it got her creative juices flowing and she made this little nest of baby Owls to go in Eeylops. I've also made a couple of baby Owls, but they are not finished yet. Thanks for Sharing your tips Debie.
Now, I also have a lovely collection of Owls, from Annie Willis of Fine Design, which are wonderfully made and covered in real feathers. But I'm going to need quite a few Owls to fill Eeylops, so I'm going to start making a few myself to fill the rafters..
You can see my attempts in the bottom two pictures. Please remember these are a work in progress. (If you click on the pictures they will pop up bigger, please excuse the poor quality, but I was in a rush)..
I'm making steady progress, but its taking me quite a time with swollen hands, but all in all I'm having a Hoot...LOL
I've been studying Owl pictures on the internet, for days. To give you some idea of how big they are, the smallest one at the back of the picture is approx 2cm.
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