Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween...

Wishing you all a safe and Spooktacular Halloween...

My friend Kat is having an on line Halloween Party.

I couldn't think of any more appropriate things to show you all. Then the wonderful Hauntingly Beautiful Miniatures made by my friends. If you click on the pictures they will pop up bigger.

Can you guess who they were made by?

All the Hats were made by Kat.

All the bottles except the Skele Bottle and Pumpkin Jar were made by me.

The baby Dragon in a Chestnut Shell ,was made by Tracey.
The lovely Plump Pump-Kins were made by Wendie.
The Skele Bottle and the Pumpkin Jar were made by Nikki.

Millie the New Shoot was made by Jayne.

The large Book Stack, Cauldron, Skull Stand and gross Troll Toe was made by Debie.

The Dragon Egg in the case was made by Nicky.

The little Apothecary Mouse was made by Julie.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Birthday And A Little Mouse...

Debie and her family, have been staying with us since Saturday. Ben also came home from Uni at the weekend, to help celebrate Harry's 15th Birthday and to see Courtney. Harry had a really good Birthday and got some lovely presents and quite a bit of money, and he had Megan here, so he was very happy. We had a really good few days together and Debie entertained us all last night on the Karaoke, lets just say a few Tia Maria's helped with Dutch courage..LOL Debie, left this afternoon and has rung to say she reached home safely.
Now to the little Mouse. I've been meaning to show you all this, for a while. As you know from my previous posts, I've purchased some lovely Owls from Julie.
Well, while looking in her Etsy Shop, I came across this wonderful little Mouse and I have to say fell in Love with him, straight away.
I've told Julie, her photographs just don't do her work justice. When I unwrapped this little one, it was one of those OMG moments. It is so tiny and so exquisite. I photographed him next to one of Nikki's, Pumpkin Bottles, so you could get some idea of just how tiny he is. I Love him...
Now I may not be around again for a few days, as I am going into Hospital tomorrow for a double Angiogram. We are hoping, that they will find out, what is causing all the water retention and swelling. I may be able to come home tomorrow, but depending on what they find, may have to stay in.
So if I'm not around, I hope you all have a Haunting Halloween... xxxx

Friday, 22 October 2010

Welcome Over 600...

A very big Welcome to some more followers. I think another 15 have joined in the last week!
They are:-
Pity who's blog is called Las Minis De Pity. Lots of miniatures on there.
Kate who's blog is called Life, Love & The Creation Of A Dream. Kate has recently got married. Congratulations Kate. She has just got a huge Dolls House to renovate.
Deb Kelly who's blog is called Picnicgal's Place. Craft and Book blog.
Andrea who's blog is called Cre8tive Cre8tions.
Vanessa Barcellos who I can't find any information on. Vanessa if you have a blog could you let me know please, so I can share your link.
Ingesfairyland who again I can find no information on.
Misol Sara who's blog is called Mi Pequeno Mundo. This blog is filled with minis.
Maddie who's blog is called Lines In The Sand. Arts, crafts and Dolls House miniatures.
Karin Corbin who's blog Karin Corbin Miniatures, I've been following for a long time. Fantastic blog, filled with fabulous miniatures and photography. Karin, also has another blog called Scale Model Making In Seattle.
Beatriz Fernandez who's blog is called Miniaturas De Beatriz Fernandez. A lovely blog with some beautiful miniatures.
Ericka VanHorn who's blog is called EV Miniatures. Ericka is very well known for her wonderful Magical miniatures. She has only recently joined the blogosphere, but if you'd like to see more of her fabulous work, she also has a web site.
HelenLovesCashmere who I know lives on the Isle Of Anglesey as she left a lovely comment on my blog. Her blog is called Tabitha's House Of Trinkets. Helen has only just started blogging, but just go and have a peek at her mini Kitchen.
Pennydowne who's blog is called Kismet Clay Designs. Some fabulous sculpts on there and just take a look at the Goblets.
Paul Smith who again I can't find any information on, but who is following lots of Mini blogs.
Last but not least is S who's blog is called Geek In Wolves Clothing.

As always please go over and say hi...

On the home front a lot of you know that I was in Hospital yesterday for a test. Thankfully, it all went OK and I got the all clear. Spent most of the afternoon in bed fast asleep. But feel much better today. Which was quite a relief. Just next weeks, double Angiogram, to get through now and hopefully get some answers. Thank you to everyone, that sent me good luck messages on my Facebook and for the emails.
Debie and her Poppets are coming to stay from tomorrow until Wednesday. Debie said she needs to see her hand and toe model, (ME) so that she can finish her toe collector. Have you seen how gross her Toes are? I've told her, if she keeps on she can sleep in the Stables. Her answer to that was Nay, Nay.LOL..
Its Harry's Birthday on Sunday and he can't wait to see Megan. Ben's coming home tomorrow from University for Harry's Birthday and to see Courtney. So I can imagine the House will be filled with raging hormones.
Hopefully, while Debie is here, she can help me sort out a give away, which we were going to do while she was here before..

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

More Baby Dragons...

Here's another three Baby Dragon's to show you. I thought I'd already shared these three with you, on a previous post, but looking back I haven't.
They were all made by the very talented Tracie Howard who's web site is called Feythcrafts. Tracie also has an Etsy Shop of the same name.
These little Dragons are quite addictive, a bit like Kat's Hat's. I noticed in Tracie's shop, that she has a Magic Book keyring. I'm sure I can remember one of our Mini Friends buying one of these and taking the ring part off, as it makes a lovely miniature book.
(It was Janice that did that to the Key ring)

Dragon Plaque...

A few weeks ago, I finally managed to win one of Nicky Coopers Dragon's. I'd tried on some of her other listings, but always seemed to get pipped at the post.
Inside the package when it arrived was a tiny little box, written on top was, Norwegian Ridgeback 'Norbet' Property Of Hagrid. When I opened the box, nestled inside was a tiny curled up Dragon. Isn't he lovely.
Then on her facebook page, Nicky showed some other Harry Potter inspired miniatures, which I was lucky enough to purchase from Nicky.
Unfortunately, for all of us, Nicky has decided to shut up shop and will no longer be sculpting. Please click on Nicky's name to be taken over to her web site, where Nicky has left a message for all her customers.
I personally think its very sad, but wish Nicky the best for the future. xxxx

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Steampunk Witch Hats....

As you all know by now, I have a bit of an obsession with Kat's, Witch Hats. I Love all the ones I have in my collection, but Kat's, Steampunk ones are currently my favourites. I already have a couple, but when I say these on Kat's blog, a few weeks ago, they called my name. So I emailed Kat, and asked her if I could buy them and as you can see she let me.
They are fabulous.
Kat, has some wonderful hats in her Etsy shop at the moment. I'm especially drawn to the Steampunk Witches Cat Hat, that's a beautiful confection of Orange and Brown.
But then again, she has another Lime Green Steampunk Hat, in her Ebay listings..
Oh Dear I must resist....


I had a present from my Friend Wendie over at Wendies Mini World. Wendie, makes some wonderful miniatures, if you haven't seen her work, then I suggest you go and take a peek.
A little while ago, I sent Wendie some bits and pieces for her Skool Of Majick.
She sent me these Pumpkins and a Candle Peep, for the metal Halloween House, but I think I may use them elsewhere.
Wendie's faces, always seem to have a little bit of mischief in them. Can you see what I mean?
Thank you Wendiekins. I Luvs them. xxxxx

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Owl Post...

Well as I said in my earlier post today. I was expecting a parcel from Julie and it's arrived. Now Julie told me, to make sure the Doors and Windows were shut , when I opened the book.
Good job they were, as the Owls flew out, straight over to Eeylops Owl Emporium, to the kindly shop keeper (who was made by my friend Debie) who was waiting outside for them. She must have already been informed of their arrival.
As you can see, they've certainly made themselves right at home.
The little Owl on the Wand is so cute. Everything has been beautifully made.
Now don't forget, Julie will be listing some of her Owl creations on Etsy this evening at approximately 7.30PM GMT. But like I said this morning, be quick as I think they are going to fly out of the shop...

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