Sunday, 2 March 2014

New Arrivals For Desdemona's.

 Desdemona's has some new arrivals. They had quite the journey from America, the packing case they were travelling in, had certainly been through the wars when it got here. 
Thankfully, the little creatures inside were not damaged and seem none the worse for their journey.
Desdemona has searched her Magical Creature books, but has no idea what these little Creatures are. She thinks they may be related to the Pygmy Puffs. They seem to have settled in nicely and were last seen with Skin & Blister out on the Patio..

The little Creatures were made by Alicia Singleton aka Allie Bean Dolls. Alicia's work can be found on Etsy & Ebay.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Kit & Caboodle...


Harry, is now with his Regiment the Household Cavalry and has been training at Windsor & Knightsbridge. He and his colleagues have been issued with their Ceremonial Uniform, which they spend hours & hours cleaning. They have also been learning the Cavalry Drill.
In the Video, Harry is at the front on the left hand side, in the Red Tunic, walking towards the Camera.
One Of The Cavalry's Horses

Dirty Boots

Waxing His Boots

Cleaning Boots

Cleaning Boots

Looking Clean & Shiney

Breast Plate & Helmet

Our Trooper

The Full Kit & Caboodle

Learning Drill
Learning Drill

Learning Drill & Being Inspected.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Skin & Blister ~ Dragons

 I'd like you to meet Skin and Blister, two new little Dragons that have arrived from Florida, to live in Desdemona's. They were made by my dear friend Carlanne, as a present for my Birthday. 
There is a story behind the names of these Dragons.
Carlanne, calls me her mini Sister & I call her my Skin & Blister, which in Cockney rhyming slang, also means Sister. Carlanne, also made me the Fairy hanging charm, which I have hanging in my Cabin. I think you'll agree, the Dragons look quite at home already.
Carlanne, does have a web site for her beautiful Creations, which can be found here at Nature's Fae.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Flower Kits ~ 1:12th Scale Pumpkins

 I've been really impressed with the Flower kits, that I've been putting together from Georgie Steeds.
So much so, I went over to her Etsy shop and ordered a few more. I brought the Pumpkin Kit, the Lilies Kit and the Foxglove Kit, I also brought a new pair of needle pointed tweezers.
They came beautifully wrapped in tissue, with a lovely butterfly label.
 I started putting together the Pumpkin kit first and I have to say, I'm impressed how realistic it looks. I now need to make the Pumpkins, to sit underneath the leaves. I want to have a little vegetable patch, as well as a Flower Garden in Desdemona's.

Flower Kits ~ 1:12th Scale Hollyhocks

 Another Flower Kit from Georgie Steeds, this time a Hollyhock Kit, this is another one that I found in my stash, while sorting out stuff for Desdemona's. See my previous post.
With this one, you need some yellow paint for the Stamens and some fine pointed scissors to cut out the leaf shapes.
I made these over a couple of days, which gave the petals time to thoroughly dry out

 Georgie's blog can be found here & her Etsy Shop here.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Flower Kits ~ 1:12th Scale Clematis

 I brought these kits many moons ago from Georgie Steeds at a Miniature Fair, possibly the old Excel in London or Miniaturia. I found them while I was having a sort out and want to use them in Desdemona's. 
Georgie, has a blog and also an Etsy shop.
All the kits come with clear instructions and all the required leaves and wires. When ordering the Kit's, there is a list of extras that you may require. They can all be purchased from Georgie's Etsy shop. Fine pointed tweezers are a must and you also need a Rubber/Eraser to shape the leaves and Petals on.
Georgie, also does a kit of the month, so its worth visiting her blog, as she discounts the monthly kit.
 This Clematis kit was pretty easy to put together, but takes patience. As you can see, each individual leaf is stuck on separately. It looks pretty effective once completed.

 I had two of these kits and had already made up the Vine, but for the life of me I couldn't find the petals, to make up the Flowers. So I used one of my tiny punches to make some Lilac flowers, which I used. I've lent it up against Desdemona's, so you can see the effect.
 I've also made up a Hollyhock kit and a Pumpkin Plant, I'll show those in another post.

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