Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A Perfect Tiny Treasure ~ Isabella

  I'd like to introduce you all, to the newest addition to our Family.
Our first Grandchild Isabella Jane Kay, 
who was born on the 9th September @ 10.22am by Emergency C-Section,
 she weighed in at 8lb 12 & a half ozs. 
Harry & Annalise are the proud Parents.
She is the most Perfect Tiny Treasure, who we are all completely besotted with.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Making Wise Ones..

 I've been having a go at sculpting Owls again and I have to say I've surprised myself with how well they've turned out. 
They were all made with Super Sculpey and painted with Acrylics once baked. I still have quite a few to make to fill up Eeylops.
I found it helpful to use Google images for the colouring, when painting them.
I did find a lovely image of lots of Owls, all sitting together on a perch together. Might have a go at making it in miniature, it would look great in Eeylops.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

House Elf Heads & Cages

 Over the Weekend, I spent some time in the Cabin making a few little bits.
I tried my hand at making a Cage for Eeylops, from the Laser cut wood I brought at KDF, from Templewood Miniatures, some stiff wire already in my stash, two Black Glass headed Pins and a small piece of Leather. 
Firstly, I gave the Wood a wash of Acrylic Paint. I then measured out where the wire was going to go and marked the wood. I then used a needle pointed tool to make holes into the wood, on both the top and bottom of the cage pieces, but made sure the needle didn't go all the way through. I then cut all the wires to the same length and glued them into the bottom piece. While I was waiting for the glue to dry. I cut a small piece of leather to make the handle and folded that and glued. I then cut the tops off two very small Glass headed pins, leaving a short piece of the pin to knock into the wood. These I used to attach the handle to the wood. Once everything was dry, I put the top of the cage onto the wire. It was a nightmare getting the wires to stay in place, but eventually after a lot of swearing, they all fitted in. I finished around the bottom and top edges with very thin cut veneer and touched it up with paint. All in all not bad for a first attempt, though next time, I'm going to hunt out my Dremel and drill the holes.
I've also made some more House Elf Heads to put in Frames. They are all made with Super Sculpey. I brought the Frames from The Works, they are bare wood, so can be stained or painted in any colour you wish. I originally brought them for my Scrapbooks, but they are the perfect size for 1:12th Scale. There are ten in a pack, 2 of each design for £1.00.
Please excuse the pictures as they were taken on my phone and it was dark outside the Cabin.

Kensington Weekend 2015 ~ Part 3

These are the pictures that were taken when we all met up outside Kensington Town Hall, for a chat and catch up. There may be a few faces you recognize.
The bottom pictures are of the pieces I brought home with me..
Jolie & Ann
Karen & Kat
Here's the links to everyone's blogs and websites:
Jolie : Jolie's Sanctuary
Ann : Runs a Dollshouse Club
Karen: Is a collector
Kat: Kat Hazelton
Jayne: Tallulah~Belle Originals
Me: Tiny Treasures
Wendiekins: WendiesMiniWorld
Nikki: Witch & Wizard Miniatures
Joolz: Joolz Kendall
Michael: MichaelR Miniatures
Carlanne: Nature's Fae
Janice: On Being A Mini Mum
The Laser off cuts came from Templewood Miniatures.
The Fire Crane & Fire Dogs were from Romney Miniatures.
Ornate Brackets from Art Of Mini.
Little Owl In Cage from Kastlekelm Miniatures.
Toadstool with Face from MichaelR Miniatures.
Owl from Aidan Campbell.

Michaels wonderful Miniatures
Jolie & Jayne to the right
Me giggling wearing Kat's Horny Head dress
Michael showing us his wares

Jayne & Janice
Joolz, Jolie, Jayne & Janice
Laser Cut Off cuts from Templewood Miniatures
Fire Crane from Romney Miniatures
Fire Dogs From Romney Miniatures
Ornate Laser Cut Bracket's from Art Of Mini
Little Owl From Kastlekelm Miniatures
Toadstool from Michael R Miniatures
Owl From Aidan Campbell Miniatures
Pickle and I having a cuddle at the end of the day

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