Sunday, 30 August 2009

Mums not best pleased

Hi everyone
Mum has spoken with the consultant and because of her Angina they have her on
Beta blockers which will take the strain off her heart and lower her blood pressure. they want to do this to give her the best possible chances in her operation. which are good anyway because her heart is so strong anyway they just want to relax it so its less stress on her blocked arteries. the reason she is not amused is that this means she has to wait TWO WEEKS for the operation. other than that she is fine. sorry there was no post last night but i have been very busy what with going back to school soon and there was not much to report.
thank you all for your comments though :) again :)

Friday, 28 August 2009

Not Much To Report on Mum

Hi there everyone just a quick update today.
Mum is doing fine and in good spirits, she was thrilled with the comments i took in for her and has had a good read of them.
The only real news is that she may be moved back to Carmarthen so it is easier for us to visit before her operation and then moved back up there the night before.
ill keep everyone updated through the week
and thank you all again for the comments you have been leaving and i hope i didnt scare to many of you with my last post lol.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Mums Got a message

Hi again everyone its Ben. The night before last Mum Flat lined....
its ok the batteries had gone in her walk about heart monitor lol.

Last night I printed off everyone's comments and took them into mum today. came to about 13 pages lol. She wrote down something for me to put up for everyone.

"Hi Everyone,
Thank you all for your lovely comments and get well wishes. as you can imagine the diagnosis's came as quite a Shock. "Heart stopping stuff". I have Spoken to the Cardiac Surgeon this morning and he has told me that they will not operate for approximately 5 - 10 days until the blood thinning agent from my Angiogram is out of my system. The surgery can then take place and I'll be in the hospital for a further 5-10 days!! As you can all imagine I'm not used to being still for s long and it's driving me around the twist having to be escorted across the ward to the loo!!
Ben will keep you all updated, Love to you all
Debbie xx"

I will continue to print off the comments for mum every few days and pass on messages. thank you all for your comments again :)
ill post another blog tomorrow evening to keep you all up 2 date

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Update again

Hi again everyone its Ben, mum is doing fine and is still awaiting her bypass. She has asked me to thank you all for your kind comments and calls and it means so much to her.
she is sleeping better and eating better now as she was missing her food before because she was in scans and undergoing tests. she is now up out of bed but the doctors are insisting that a nurse helps her to the toilet, she is not very impressed by this at all lol :)

Me and Dad went to see her this morning (Harry is at camp) and Dad has gone up tonight as well to see her and take a few things up there for her. When we were there today the doctor said "you don't do things by half do you" which quite amused her, this was the same doctor from Carmarthen who had referred her to Swansea.
Mum is in good spirits and is just wanting to come home but need to wait only a couple of weeks hopefully. i guess i should try and find out how the washing machine works lol.

Thank you all again for your comments I no they mean allot to mum, I will be printing them off for her so she can read them in the hospital as she does not have access to a computer, i have been reading them to her over the phone :)

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Update On Mum

Hey everyone its Ben again just a quick update on Mum.
Mum was in some Pain last night and was moved immediately. She has now been moved to a larger Hospital so that she could get a Angiogram, which is where they put a camera into your artery either in the groin, wrist or neck. Mums was in her wrist. They found like her Dad she has Congenital Heart Disease which also means me and harry need to go get checked out. Mum has been put on an Emergency list for a QUADRUPLE Heart Bypass. She has two blocked Valves and two that are 80% blocked. she could be having the operation anytime in the next few days and then she will be in the hospital for a week after that and then house bound for about 4 weeks. so im sure she will be posting lots of blogs to keep herself occupied :).
i would just like to thankyou all for your lovely comments and im sure it means alot to mum and it gives her something to take her mind off all te needles :).
if anyone is calling this evening we are going back to the hospital and will not be back until after half past Nine.
Thankyou for all your comments and no Worries mum is a fighter

Monday, 24 August 2009

Debbies in the Hospital

Hi everyone this is Ben, Mum is not very well at the moment and is in Hospital. She is fine at the moment and is waiting to be transferred to a different Hospital for some more scans.
So she may not post a Blog for the next while.
If she is not back soon I will update the blog again and let everyone know how she is.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Happy 40TH Birthday Mick & Congratulations Ben

Today is my Hubby Mick's 40th Birthday. Happy Birthday Mick, hope you have a wonderful day, Love you Loads..xxxx

Tomorrow we are having a Party to celebrate his and Ben's 18TH Birthday which is in September. They decided to have a joint party, while the Summer Holidays are still on, plus Ben and his friends all got their exam results yesterday. Ben's and his friends are putting up tents in the Garden so they can stay the night!
So this week I've been trying to sort everything out for Saturday.
Ben did extremely well in his exams and do you remember the photography work I showed you for his final pieces. If you click on Photography it will take you over to the post. he got an "A" in both parts of the exam.
Well done Ben and Congratulations on your results, keep up the good work. Dad and I are really pleased for you.. xxx

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Oh What Fun We Had.... Medieval Fun Day

Before you trawl through these photographs, please look at the previous two posts that I made late last night..
We all had a brilliant Medieval Day.
We were a bit worried in the morning as the heavens opened and it tipped down with rain, but at 10.40am the rain stopped and out came the Sun. Ready for the Fair to open at 11am.
There were lots of different displays on Horseback put on by the Children. Meg's display was brilliant, she did acrobatics and she used a special skipping rope and the horse skipped over the rope while she was in the saddle. It was amazing to watch.
Harry's display went off without a hitch and he really played up to the crowd and got them Booing him, especially when he rode round with the severed head and then promptly threw it at me outside the ring.
Lowri played the part of the White Knight and did a Dressage Display on her Horse Romeo.
Carol did a display with her Shetland Pony to Music.
Unfortunately I missed quite a lot of the displays as I was running the Guess The Weight Of The Goats and Name The Pony, so Ben took lots of photo's for me.
There was also Stalls for everyone to have a go. "Splat The Rat", The Coconut Shy (Harry managed to win four!), The Lucky Dip, Tombola, Face Painting and Jewellery Making, Story Telling, "The Stocks", a licensed Bar and a Hog Roast and a huge Bouncy Castle Slide. There were also props all round the field which you could have your photograph taken in or on. The West Wales Farmers Bloodhounds also put on a display with the Hounds (please click on their name to be taken over to their website.) The Otter Hound Puppies were so cute. Jimmy Juggle who greeted people at the gate on Stilts dressed as a Knight, then did a Circus Skills workshop with the Children in the morning and in the afternoon performed his Fire Juggling Skills. (If you click on his name it will take you over to his Web Site).. We also run a Raffle, with some brilliant Prizes which had all been donated and no I didn't win the weekend away! Katie, Ben's girlfriend won an enormous Pig cuddly toy. I have no idea how she's going to get it back to Scotland. Think we will have to send it.
In the afternoon in the arena in the field we had Tug Of War, Juniors and then the Adults. Piggy Back Jousting and Space Hopper Hurdles. The Space Hopper Hurdles was one of the funniest things I've witnessed in a long time. If I hadn't been to the Loo before I watched it, I'd have peed myself laughing. The Adult races were Hysterical with lots of cheating going on with the Men's team, mentioning no names John! Ben and Harry did the Piggy Back Jousting and they won their first Joust, then in the Semi Final it all went Pear shaped and they both ended up on the ground.
We took hundreds of photographs, which I've loaded into my Photobucket, if you'd like to take a look, I bet the Space Hopper Hurdle ones will bring a smile to your face.
At the end of the Day, Donna asked me whether I'd like to keep a sheild as a momento, can you quess where I told her to stick it.. LOL..
So all in all a wonderful, exhausting Medieval Day and a great Big Thank you to Donna, John, Les and Jen for allowing it all to happen..

Medieval Fun Day Dress Rehearsal Pt 2

The two videos above show Harry practising for the Fun Day. In the first Video he was pratising on his own. In the second Video the girls came in and started to scream when he got near them, just before he chopped off the head!
It was slightly changed at the end. As he chopped the head off he went back and claimed it from Donna and then rode round the Sand School Shaking it at the audience..

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Medieval Fun Day Dress Rehearsal Pt 1

These are the pictures that I took yesterday up at the Riding School, while we were getting the last bits and pieces together and putting up the tents etc..
Most of the Children did a dress rehearsal, ready for today.
I'm just uploading the video I took of Harry's Display and will try and get back later to share with you all, its taking quite a time to upload.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Bad Blogger..

Can't believe that I haven't posted for nearly a week! Bad Blogger..
Its been hectic here to say the least.
Monday I spent the whole day up at the Riding School painting jumps and props, came home grabbed a bite to eat then back again for our last committee meeting before Saturday.
Tuesday took my car to the Garage, where it still is! Then came back and our Hay was being baled. So spent till 9pm getting the bales into the barn, then came in and collapsed with exhaustion.
Wednesday morning got the rest of the Hay in and then tried to catch up with Housework and washing. Our friends arrived about 11pm after moving up from Kent to spend the night and meet the removal men early Thursday morning at their New Home..
Thursday spent all day with Frank & Lorraine, washing cupboards, hoovering and helping unpack. Came back home about 6.30pm last night and cooked dinner for the masses. Frank & Lorraine came up here for dinner and showers as they have no hot water. Hopefully that's being sorted out today.
Which brings us to today.. We are going back up the Riding School to set everything up for the Medieval Day tomorrow and help with the full Dress Rehearsal and also try and get back to Frank and Lorraine's to help with more unpacking.
So although I've been a Bad Blogger, I've been a very, very busy Bee... x

Saturday, 8 August 2009

My Knight In Shining Armour...

Harry had a practise in his Armour up at the Riding School today.
We just wanted to make sure that the rattle, wouldn't frighten Ebony and that Harry could move properly on Horse back. Ebony will be in full custom as well, as the Red Dragon. But she only had her wings and tail on today.
Harry's friends Tilly and Meg are also doing displays on Horse Back, which include Skipping, Acrobatics's and Synchronised Jumping.
I've got some more Shields to paint and Donna asked if I'd go up again on Monday, to help out with painting some more props.
Debbie one of the other Mum's has painted some brilliant Knights and Medieval Tents to attach to the jumps.
If you click on the pictures, they will pop up bigger.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Snapes Surprise From Rosanna

Yesterday a parcel arrived from my dear friend Rosanna over at La Stanza Di Giuggiola.
Inside was a letter, saying that Rosanna had brought this Quilt from a lovely Lady from LA and as soon as she saw Snape, she thought it would be good for him. She said maybe he could use it during the cold winter nights while concocting potions down in his Dungeon.

Well Rosanna as you can see Snape loves his quilt and hasn't let go of it since it arrived.
Its beautiful.

Rosanna also included a Harry Potter Spectacle case which looks like a wand box. As you can see I've already put my glasses in there.
Snape and I would like to say a big Thank You Rosanna for your kindness and friendship. xxx

Talking about Quilts, check out Mercedes blog Liberty Biberty, Casey's Blog, Casey's Minis,
Debby's Blog, Petite, for tutorials on how to make Miniature Quilts...

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Busy Bee's...

Yesterday was so busy, that I didn't get a moment to update my blog.
We went to another Horse Show at Nevern. Harry got 2nd Place in his class and then 5th in the coloured class. Harry was showing Min and I was showing Warrior.
I got 4th Place in the Stallion Class and 4th in the Coloured Class.
We got home about one in the afternoon.
Mick went straight off to the airport to pick up Ben and Katie, can't believe he's been away for two weeks. The time has flown by.
Ben's not a very happy man at the moment, on Tuesday, he had his hair cut and dyed. Now the cut is lovely, but they cocked up the dyeing process and he now has Lilac hair instead of Electric Blue hair. Needless to say they didn't charge him. I'm under very strict orders not to post photographs! LOL.. The colour of his hair at the moment reminds me of Parma Violet Sweets. He brought a blue colour spray to cover it up until we can get hold of the blue Hair dye and re dye it. It then reminded me of a Smurf..
Harry helped me muck out the stables and then we spent two hours walking the fields, pulling up the dreaded Ragwort, as Mark the local farmer had rung while we were out, to say he was coming to cut the Hay. Ragwort is extremely poisonous to live stock and Horses, especially when it's dry. So we had to make sure it was all out just in case any gets into the Hay Bales.
By the time we were finished I was exhausted and promptly came indoors and collapsed in a heap on the sofa.
This morning we've been removing some large branches from an over hanging tree, so that Mark can get passed them with his tractor, as he caught a couple yesterday. Mark is coming back this afternoon to do the turning. Looks like our whole weekend will be taken up with getting the Hay in..

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Harry's Armour..

Mick's parents came up on Sunday and brought Harry's Armour up for the Medieval day. He couldn't wait to try it on.
Mick's cousin Steve has lent the outfit to us. It is a film prop from the film First Knight with Richard Gere and Sean Connery. This is the armour worn by Richard Gere, when he played the part of Lancelot.
Steve's business is based at Elstree Studios, if you click on Steve's name it will take you over to the web site.
We just need to get Harry a long sleeved black top to wear underneath. He's going to take it up to the Riding School this week to practise wearing this lot on Horse back!
Yesterday, Harry and I spent the whole morning at the Riding School with some of the other Children painting Shields.. Hopefully, we now have enough for the fun day...
Mick's parent's left this morning and tomorrow Ben comes home from Scotland with Katie and we are also at a Horse Show. So this afternoon I'll be bathing the Ponies. Just waiting for the rain to stop!
If you watch the Youtube video, you can see Richard Gere at the end wearing the armour... Swoon........But I have to say Sean does it for me with that voice...

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