Thursday, 27 August 2009

Mums Got a message

Hi again everyone its Ben. The night before last Mum Flat lined....
its ok the batteries had gone in her walk about heart monitor lol.

Last night I printed off everyone's comments and took them into mum today. came to about 13 pages lol. She wrote down something for me to put up for everyone.

"Hi Everyone,
Thank you all for your lovely comments and get well wishes. as you can imagine the diagnosis's came as quite a Shock. "Heart stopping stuff". I have Spoken to the Cardiac Surgeon this morning and he has told me that they will not operate for approximately 5 - 10 days until the blood thinning agent from my Angiogram is out of my system. The surgery can then take place and I'll be in the hospital for a further 5-10 days!! As you can all imagine I'm not used to being still for s long and it's driving me around the twist having to be escorted across the ward to the loo!!
Ben will keep you all updated, Love to you all
Debbie xx"

I will continue to print off the comments for mum every few days and pass on messages. thank you all for your comments again :)
ill post another blog tomorrow evening to keep you all up 2 date


Ara said...

Very mean opening line there Ben! It scared me!! So good to hear from you Debbie! Hope you're up running around in no time! -ara

Marsha said...

Ben, you about gave me a . . . well I won't say :)

Debbie, good time to catch up on reading and jotting down all your ideas for future projects!

Thinking of you!


Caseymini said...

Hang in there, Debbie! Make Ben keep you supplied with pencils and paper and start making lists for Diagon Alley. Dream sweet dreams between jots.

Lots of hugs!

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

Would they let you use a laptop computer in there? Wouldn't it be nice if they did? You could lie down and rest and look at all the pretty miniatures, and blog to your heart's content!

You have a very sweet son by the way! Nice of him to keep us posted!

Love and hugs,

Dlsarmywife said...

Oooh Ben, not funny!
Debbie take care, and try to'll be back in no time. We miss you!

Tabitha Corsica said...

Hahaha, Ben. NOT funny! Go do some laundry...

Debbie my dear we are ALL thinking about you. Make lots of notes for upcoming projects because you'll have time to work on mini's again! YAY! Let someone else to the grunt work. You do the "little" stuff. I've not had much opportunity to see your work so I am eager to. Wishing you the best,


Katie said...

Ben!! You can't start a blog like that! You almost made me cry!! So not funny!! I can see you take after your Mum in the comic relief department!!

Debbie for now, just pretend your at a really expensive hotel, and let everyone wait on You! And while your there.....keep your eye open for mini walked outta the doctor's office this morning with my paper gown....LOL, It's white with this neat print on it! LOL....It will make the perfect wallpaper!!

Hopefully the time flies by, and your home with the family before you know it!!! BIG hugs to you!!

Debie Lyons said...

Ben you are a good lad to keep us posted.

Debbie I can only imagine how restricted you feel. When I broke my leg ten years ago I only had to keep put for 2 weeks and that drove me up the wall.
Is there any mini stuff you can do in there?
Have you read all the Harry Potter books? That would keep you going.
Anways Much Love from Brum
Debie xxxxx

De said...

Thinking of you, Debbie, during this time. Katie's idea was great -keep your eyes open for mini possibilities. Make that will help the time to pass more quickly.

kimsminiatures said...

Ben Ben Ben....You scared me but good to see you still have humor. It is the best way to get thru things like this.
Miss you Debbie but at least we have Ben to get our messages to you.
Stay srong and postive. Thinking of you alot,
Much love,

shannonc60 said...

Good to hear you are coping well Debbie. Keep your chin up and remember to change those batteries - no more scares please!!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Dear Debbie,
We all think about you very much. Laura is making a very nice drawing for you and we will send it over. Try to take advantage of this obliged "time off" to rest and let other people take care of you.
We miss you very much but we know you'll be soon back on these pages to make our life beautiful with your friendship!
Lots of Love from all of the Prunella Family
Take Care
Eva Laura and Davy

Snowfern said...

great to see your sense of humour's still a killer :O and your son's too -_-"

*hugs tightly*

fond and happy thoughts from me!

Jill said...

Ben, you gave me a bit of a scare! I'm glad you've got your sense of humor still intact-- humor helps during tough times.
Debbie, I'm glad that you are doing okay. We're all cheering for you and sending our very best wishes your way! xo, Jill
PS: It would be great to have a laptop computer there-- time flies when your looking at miniatures!

Liberty Biberty said...

Thinking of you lots Debbie.

Chris V. said...

Debbie, hang in there! Get better well so you can mini to your heart's (:>)content and get back to your lovely horses!

Linda Carswell said...

They do say that laughter is the best medicine....but that opening line...Ben!!!
Hi Debbie, sounds like they are looking after you well and comedy runs in the family, how wonderful to get all of these message of support, it must be lovely to know that so many are thinking of you and willing you well!! Get well soon.
Kindest Regards, Linda x

Marja said...

Ben !.............
pffffffff everything is okay
with debbie ...
nice that you keep posts for us

Debbie .. hold on I think of you
do you have no laptop in the hospital ?
hopefully everything will get better for you
miss you
Hugg Marja

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Hey Debbie, agree with the others, take time to relax, get a few good books in, and Im sure youll come out with tons of mini ideas !
Do you cross stitch, something to take up some time? I did that before minying and loved the results.
Im sure youll clip Ben round the ear from us all for terrifying us with his opening line lol xxx Kate and John and Gang

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Ben. What a way to start the post, lol. You had me panaicking there!.
Say hi to your mum and give her my best wishes.
I check in every day for updates and it was lovely to get this note from your mum.
As for being escorted to the loo it must drive your mum mad, but all the rest, food cooked and fresh linen i agree she should treat it like a hotel.
We all look forward to your mums return home but tell her to take it easy, no insist! I know what she is like.
Lots of love, Nikki x

Karin F. said...

...almost had my own heart attack reading Bens first line!
Deb, speedy recovery!

Lena said...

Debbie, thinking about You!
Get well soon!

Big hugs to you and your family!


Tallulah~Belle said...

LOL gave everyone a fright there....glad to see you can still have a laugh though.

Hi Debbie.....I know it must be tough for you to have to be so restricted...especially as you are normally doing 10 things at once.

But you know it is for the best. Take the time and read, plan, journal whatever....just rest.

I hope you get the op really soon and are soon back on your feet.

Love Jayne xxx

Terry said...

hello Debbie !!!
a wish of ready recovery!!we want online again soon you.

Reisl Today said...

Hi Debbie,
I have been reading your blog posts and having the story unfold before me and let me tell you, it has just been amazing! To see the outpouring of support from the community here just brought tears to my eyes.. you must be a very, very special person and I feel like I already know that just from reading your words. ANd, you have GREAT kids :) What sweethearts!
And your minis!! I love everything I have looked at so far! I hope you are feeling better!
Oh, P.S. I used to work in the telemetry unit watching those heart monitors and I remember many a night batteries going out and patients with loose leads scaring me! I remember chasing patients down to replace that battery in the unit asap :)
Take care,

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