Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Heart Scan...

Firstly Thank you everyone that left such lovely comments yesterday on my blog and on my face book page.
As you can imagine I was quite worried about having the Heart Scan today.
I have to say the Lady that did the Scan was lovely and so gentle. She advised us that she couldn't really make any comment about the Scan, as she is not a Consultant Cardiologist.
I was in there for about half an hour and she did let me know that she couldn't find anything nasty. Which I have to say was such a relief.
She also said that she would write up the report today, which will then be passed over to the Cardiologist. I should then get an appointment.
So Good and Bad news really, as we are still no nearer to knowing why I am swelling up and retaining so much fluid. I expect I'll now have to have a battery of tests to find out the what and why fores!
When we got home there had been a phone call from the School, but no message. So I rang the School. Turns out Harry had been playing Rugby today and injured his Ribs in a Scrum. Fortunately our friend went to the School and picked him up, so looks like he will be off now for a couple of days. His Music teacher said he can do his audition for the School production,when he goes back. I blame Mick, he told him to break a leg at the audition today, instead he nearly broke his ribs..LOL

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Testing Time...

Just wanted to say thank you so much every one for your best wishes and positive thoughts. I do hope you all realise just how much they mean to me.
Yesterday I went to see our GP for an update on what's happening with my Heart.
He was very surprised that I wasn't kept in Hospital last week. I think the GP's were hoping that the Registrar at the Hospital, would admit me and all the tests would have been carried out by now.
My GP was very reluctant to prescribe any more medication, until I've had the Heart Scan. Apparently, a couple of them at the practise had, had a discussion about me and they are at a loss as to way I'm retaining all this water.
I told him that I feel quite unwell at the moment. I feel worse now then I did before the Heart Surgery. He told me that if I hadn't heard anything by Thursday from the Hospital, that we were to ring the Doctor's Surgery and their secretaries would chase up the appointment.
Well this afternoon, I got a phone call from the Hospital and my scan is scheduled at 11.30am tomorrow. Hopefully, we may find out something tomorrow. I am a bit apprehensive, but lets hope they don't find anything nasty. If I do end up being kept in Hospital, I'll ask Ben to update my blog for me.

Some Good news, which I forgot to tell you, is that we took Ben to the open day at Aberystwyth University on Saturday. Ben really enjoyed it and was really impressed with all they have to offer. He had an informal interview while we were there with a lecturer in the Law and Criminology Department and the remainder of his time was in the Psychology Department. I managed to hobble round the Uni for a while, but then left Ben to continue the tour, while I went back to the Psychology Department and put my feet up. Hopefully, Ben will be starting there in September. Just keeping my fingers crossed that he gets all the points he needs, as he has been offered conditional places on both the Subjects he wishes to take. Good Luck Ben xxxx
Also Harry has an audition tomorrow after School, for a part in the School production, so keeping my fingers crossed for him as well. Good Luck Harry xxxx

Sunday, 21 February 2010

You Are My Sunshine..

I've been awarded the Sunshine award Twice...
One came from Michelle at Michelle's Mad World and the other came from Wendie at Wendies Mini World. Thank you both so much ladies..xx

Now I have to award this award to six other blogs, so in my case I suppose it will have to be twelve as I've had it twice. A few of you have already had this award so I'm not going to give it back to you, instead I'm spreading the Sunshine far and wide.

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Sahiba over at Sabs Mini Interiors.
Rosanna over at La Stanza Di Giuggiola.
Marsha at Sassy Mini Dolls.
Linda over at Une Petite Folie
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Grimdeva over at What's Bubbling At Cauldron Craft Miniatures.
The Old Maid over at The Sunny Hours 1:12 Miniatures.
Susanna over at Elamaa Koossa 1:12.
Gaye over at My Small Obsession.

I'd also like to wish Debie over at Piskies and Poppets, a very Happy Birthday for today. Hope you have a lovely day Debie. xxxx

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Things That Are Sent ToTry Us...........

There I was so excited on Monday to show you the caravan and tell you all that I was considering taking it over as my work space. Which I'm pleased to know, you all think is a good idea and its a definite, all systems go.
Got up Tuesday morning, thinking yes we will start today and then saw the state of my body. Not a pretty site and definitely not for the faint hearted. I was all over swollen again! As the morning went on so I got bigger, a bit like Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka.
I went to Physiotherapy in the afternoon and my Cardiac Nurse, took one look at me and told me to go to my Doctors immediately. Could not do Physiotherapy, as it would put to much strain on my heart. So left Physiotherapy and went straight to the Doctors Surgery. Doctor takes a look and is not happy, tells me to go home pack a bag, she will ring the Hospital, I need to be seen urgently. So Home I go pack a bag, bawl me eyes out as I'm so fed up, get a call from the Doctor to say go straight to A & E, Medical team waiting for me. So off to the Hospital we go.
Get to A & E, book in then wait to be seen by the triage Nurse, see her explain situation, tells us to take a seat outside and wait to be called. About 30 minutes later, get called by a Doctor. Go through the whole story again. She examines me, checks my lungs etc, etc. Then says that she wants to do an ECG, X-Ray's and take some blood. There in lays the problem, taking blood. As the whole medical profession that has come into contact with me know, I don't have a very happy relationship with needles. My veins either collapse, or think to themselves "Oh look a needle, lets run and hide" and they move as the needle pierces the skin! And by that time I'm having a cold sweat, my hands are really clammy and I'm feeling not well at all.
Anyway, I have my ECG, their happy with that. Then comes the tricky part of the evening taking blood. I tell the Doc you've got one go, if it doesn't work your not rooting round to find another vein. So no pressure. She looks and looks, then says your so swollen its so hard to find a vein. Eventually, she decides to go in at the wrist and manages to get a syringe full of blood, before the vein collapsed. Then off I go to X-Ray. Come back from X-Ray and wait nearly three hours, before a Nurse comes to see us! By this time I'm hot and bothered, fed up and very, very uncomfortable. She then tells us that we have to wait to see the Medical Registrar, but he's the only one on in the whole hospital so need to wait. Unbelievable!
Eventually, he arrives at 11.15pm, looks through all the results, X-Ray's are OK, no fluid on the lungs, ECG OK haven't had anything nasty happen, Blood ,well they didn't have enough for all the tests so he wants to take some more!!!! You can imagine what I said can't you. He tries to get some blood, in goes the needle, vein collapses, no blood. No go, no more. Told him that no way is he doing it again. Then after all this tells me that they haven't got any beds, so can't keep me in. But he is changing my water tablet, back to the original one that I came out of hospital with and that he is arranging an urgent Heart Scan. But my question is:- I never had any water retention before my Surgery and all seemed well when I came out of Hospital, except with the leg that they took the vein from, so why now is my body blowing up with fluid? Making it difficult to move and breath. They don't know, that's why they need a Heart Scan! But written across my notes is Heart Failure, but it doesn't mean my Heart is dying, it just means that my Heart is failing to pump blood, fluid around my body properly. Again I don't understand this, as my body was surviving on my Heart only working with 1 completely blocked artery, and the other three 80% blocked and I felt OK. My Heart is now supposed to be working with three new bypasses and I feel worse now, then I did before the Operation.
I'm having to weigh myself in the morning and then in the evening to see if my weight is increasing and it is! Weighed myself this morning and I put on 3lbs yesterday! If I go on at this rate, they will be rolling me to the Hospital for my Heart Scan.
Also had to go to the Lipid Clinic yesterday and my cholesterol level has fallen again to 3.7 . They are really pleased with that but will have to continue on the Statins for the rest of my life. So at least that was positive.
So until I can physically move properly and not be hobbling about the new work room is on hold.
See told you Things are most definitely sent to try us.. At least I'm still smiling, well trying to ..LOL

Monday, 15 February 2010

A New Work Space..........?????

I was having a discussion with Mick today, about having my own work space, like I did in our other House.
Now when we moved here, we lived in the House for a year to get a feel for the place, before buying the Static Caravan and moving into that while the builders gutted the house. Its now sitting outside doing absolutely nothing, other then becoming a dumping ground for all sorts of things.
I'd been out to the Garage today for a rummage, trying to find some flower pots for Nikki and to be honest, stuff is getting ruined out there and its a total nightmare trying to find anything. I'm sure there's Mickey's living in there and to be perfectly honest I have no idea what's out there now.
So I have decided that I'd like to take over the Caravan as my Work/Craft space. There's plenty of space in there and storage. It has electric, so I can have a cuppa and light, although the Loo isn't plumbed in, oh well I can come back indoors to use the Loo. Its pretty neutral in there, except for the hideous covers on the Sofa in the lounge part, but I'm sure I have some throws somewhere..
I can leave the bedrooms alone, just in case we need to use them for visitors, but that leaves me the Lounge and Kitchen. I think I can live with that. What do you think....?

Welcome ....

A Big welcome to some more followers, there are now over 360 of you. Welcome everyone.

My newest followers are:-
Christel Jensen who's blog is called Little Treasure. Christel makes the most wonderful miniatures and shares lots of her secrets over on You Tube. She also has an Etsy shop.
Hel who's blog is called She Does Other Stuff 2.
Janis from Canada who's blog is called Gardens Of Utopia. Janis sculpts the most wonderful figures. Just have a look at the baby Mermaid.
Lara who's blog is called Lara's Miniature World. Lara hasn't been blogging that long. Just have a look at the wonderful miniature turnings she's showed on her blog. Beautiful.
The Old Maid who is from Poland and who's blog is called The Sunny Hours 1:12 Miniatures. She is building Professor Snapes Office in 12th Scale. Looking forward to seeing how this all comes together.
Amy who's blog is called Amy's Miniatures and Smalls / Lundby Dolls Houses. Amy is an avid Lundby Lover, her words not mine.
Katie who's blog is called Katie's Strange World. Katie creates the weird and wonderful and also has an Etsy shop. She is also the Daughter of Julie Campbell, doll maker extraordinaire. Artistry certainly runs in that family.
Coby who's blog is called Coby's Wereldje or Coby's World in English. Coby shares lots of her craft on her blog, including her miniatures.
And last but not least is Julie Campbell Doll maker extraordinaire. Julie has two blogs Bellabelle's Blog , where she shows her wonderful sculpts. Just have a look at the Valentine's Children, beautiful. Her other blog is called Diary of an Edwardian Dolls House. In this blog, Julie is sharing the construction of Belle's Toy Emporium and its racing along..

As always please go over and say Hello...

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentine's Day...

Valentine's Day...............

Love it?


Hate it?

Whatever your preference hope you all have a lovely day...xxxx

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Gifts and Give Away's..

I've been a very lucky bunny over the last few days.
I received a lovely little parcel from dear Kat over at Kat The Hat Lady. with one of her new Mad Hatter Hats enclosed, a bottle of Shrunken Skulls and a couple of empty potion bottles. I Love the Hat Kat, its beautifully decorated. Kat also has some wonderful hats up for sale in her Ebay Shop at the moment. As you all know I am a bit partial to Kat's Hat's. LOL
Thank you Kat. xxx

Next I entered a give away on Kassandra's blog and it was a real surprise when I won. Kassandra sent me a cute little tin decorated with a Rose and when I opened it these were the goodies inside. Kassandra also has a lovely Etsy shop called Kaleidoskopic Romance, filled with minis. Make sure you go over and take a peek.
Thank you Kassandra. xxx

Then I entered another give away over on Karina's Blog, The Mouse Mansion. It was for a book that she has written about her life. I was even more surprised to win that give away as well.
Karina has recently started another blog called Karina - Content, this new blog is to give more information about her work.
Thank you Karina. xxx

Thank you all so much Ladies..

Now have you noticed a theme running through this post?
All those lovely Ladies names begin with a "K".
Maybe I should enter the Kottery...LOL

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Some more followers have joined so a Big Welcome to you all, they are:-
Sorrisodiluna now there is no blog link against this profile, but having searched the web, I think this is the correct link to their blog Sorriso di Luna, which in English means Moon Smile.
Sofia who's profile is private so again can't find any information for. Sofia if you have a link please let me know and I'll add it.
Cia (Cynthia) who has a blog called Briarwood Miniatures and two shops for her work, Briarwood Miniatures Artfire shop and Briarwood Miniatures Etsy Shop. She also has a web site called The Enchanted Garret.
Cheryl at Bingle Bears who's blog is called Bingle Bears. If you love Bears your love this blog. I personally like the little elephant called Toffee..
Glenda who's blog is called Peppercorn Miniatures. Glenda is very new to the blogosphere. I had a lovely email from Glenda and to let you all know she will be in DHMS with her Rush Matting. So keep your eyes peeled for Glenda Howell, who by the way is from New Zealand.
And last but not least is the wonderfully talented Jain Squires of Giddy Kipper Dolls. Jain's work is so full of character. She's recently auctioned a Doll to raise money for her daughter Ellie, who is taking part in World Challenge.
As always please pop over and say Hello...

On the home front forget to tell you all, went to Harry's Parent's Evening on Monday and we were delighted with all the Teachers comments about Harry. He takes his options this year.
Well done Harry, we are really proud of you, keep up the good work.
Even more good news is that Ben has been given conditional offers at Cardiff, Bangor and Aberystwyth Universities. He applied for two Degree courses at Aberystwyth and has been given conditional offers for both. For those of you who have asked, he wants to study Psychology and Criminology. So hopefully he will be off to Uni in September. We are going to the open day to have a look around the campus next weekend.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Blog Lapse...

So sorry for the blog lapse, but I've not been too well over the last week. Started last Monday evening with the sniffles and by Tuesday morning had a full blown cold. Think there's plenty of it going about at the moment. Felt really rough, but muddled through as you do. I've also been having so much trouble with my left leg since the operation, its swelling up all the time and is really sore. But someone in their wisdom decided when my prescription was due last week to stop my water tablet. On Sunday while peeling the Potatoes for dinner, my hands felt peculiar and my arms started to feel really heavy! I noticed that my hands and arms were swelling, managed to get my rings off before they swelled too much. Well by Sunday evening I resembled the Pillsbury Dough Man, if you don't know who that is I've included a picture for you, I could hardly walk. To say its getting me down is an understatement, as I'm normally very active. Went to the Doctors yesterday, who put me on another water tablet and boy do they work. If peeing for Great Britain was a sport I can assure you I'd have won Gold. But at least the swelling is going down. The Doc wants to see me again in two weeks and if he's not happy, he is going to refer me back to the Cardiologist's. Something is obviously not as it should be.

Any way enough of my woes, just wanted to let you all know that our friend Jody Raines who's blog was called Mini Leaps and Bounds has changed the name of her blog to Peach Blossom Hill. For the full story please call over to Jody's new blog and see all her wonderful minis.

I'd also like to let you all know that I am now a member of A.I.M or Artisans In Miniature, and want to say Thank you to all the members who gave me such a lovely welcome. Hopefully, I'll be sharing my work in the magazine very soon.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Presents From My Friend...

I meant to show you these yesterday, but forgot!
When Tanya came up, she arrived with a wonderful bunch of Lilies. I managed to fill two vases with them. They are my favourite flower, I just Love the heady perfume they give off and they also remind me of my Mum.
Kiera also gave me a present that she'd brought herself from her pocket money, two bottles of posh shower Gel that she'd wrapped beautifully.
Tanya also brought me a lovely little book by Helen Exley entitled My friend. (if you click on the name it will take you over to the web site.) Its full of friend sayings and also has a public declaration in the front of the book, which Tanya has filled in.
While Tanya was in Town, she went into the little shop where Mick got my wonderful Frog Jug from, and came back with this lovely little bird tray for me. The colours nearly match the Jug and it looks lovely on the shelves in the Kitchen.
Spoiled I should say so. Thank you Tanya for being such a wonderful friend, I forgive you the cracked cups... LOL..

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