Friday, 15 July 2011

Accidents Do Happen...

Yes, that's me strapped to the bed in a neck brace. Mick and I were involved in a nasty car crash on Sunday, which was not our fault. The Driver of the other Car pulled right across the road in front of us and we literally had no where to go. The force of the impact pushed the car off the road and we came to a stop, literally ten inches from a solid slate wall. Unfortunately, we both ended up in hospital. Mick had bad whip lash and they thought I had broken my neck!. I can honestly say it was extremely scary, especially after all I thought was wrong, was bruising to my sternum and whiplash. But when I was examined and they saw how tender and swollen my neck was. I was put in a neck brace, then strapped to a bed. I can understand why some people freak out, it one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life. You feel very claustrophobic. Thankfully after 6 hours and loads of X-rays they decided that my neck wasn't broken, but I have torn all the ligaments and muscles in my neck and shoulders. The Doctor warned me that the pain, would get worse, before it gets better, as it takes up to 10 days for all the bruising to come out. I got up yesterday and hurt in places, I didn't even know I had. I'm just so thankful that we are not as badly injured as they first thought. We've certainly got someone looking after us. So most of this week has been taken up with trying to sort out stuff with the insurance, getting the Rental Car delivered and yesterday the Police came to take a statement from Mick and I. The other driver has admitted it was his fault, so we are hoping that it doesn't drag on for too long.
Ben made this lovely Apple Cake to cheer us up and I have to say it's yummy and I'll definitely be getting him to make it again.
Harry is on work experience this week, with one of our friends and is loving every minute. His School actually broke up yesterday for Summer. It's the Royal Welsh Show next week, so the Schools generally break up before the schools in England, so that the Farming Families can attend. So he's off now till September!!!!
Last night, at approx Midnight there was something digging on our muck heap. Now we have no light pollution here and it is Pitch Black of a night. If you look at the bottom picture up on the left hand side, can you make out the Grey Shape. It was a Badger, it was totally unfazed at us watching it and carried on merrily digging for worms. I'm hoping that if it comes back tonight, that I might be able to get some better pictures.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Eggs, Baby Birds & Cages...

A couple of weeks ago Janice, showed some fabulous Miniature Cages on her blog.
They are just what I've been looking for, for Eeylops Owl Emporium and Janice, very kindly shared the link to the Etsy Shop, from where she brought them. I went over to have a look and ended up ordering six of the little Cage's. Well they arrived yesterday, actually much sooner then I expected and I have to say they are really lovely. I just need to get some chain, as I want to hang them from the ceiling in Eeylops. The seller also very kindly included some little charms, which I'm sure will come in handy either in my Miniatures or my Scrapbooks. There are some fabulous charms, in this Etsy shop, lots of which could be used in our Miniature Hobby. I did notice some Tiny little Eiffel Towers in there and some tiny glass bottles. I ended up spending nearly an hour looking through there, so be prepared.
On the home front, while up in the top of the field, a few weeks ago, we found a tiny Blue and White empty Egg Shell, right next to the Hedge. We think it belongs to a Robin, as there are quite a few of them nesting up there. But I could be totally wrong on the species and it might belong to something else.
We have lots of Swallows/House Martins nesting around our house under the eaves, but they are also nesting in our Wood Store and in the Stables. The Cats are being constantly dive bombed, by the Adults, trying to protect their babies.
We knew one of the Nests in the Stables had Chicks in, but until yesterday we haven't been able to see them. I walked in there with the camera and a couple of the Chicks were peeking out of the top of the nest, not at all fazed by me and the camera. There are definitely Four Chicks in there, but we think there could be five. If you click on the pictures they will pop up bigger, so you can get a good look. I just love all the fluff around their heads, they look so snug in the nest and so cute...

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Pottermore ???????????????

JK Rowling is set to announce details, of her latest project, "Pottermore", at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London at Lunch time today..................Go to the Pottermore web site and click on the Owl...Countdown...

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

New Chicken House...

Forget to show this on my blog. In May it was mine and Mick's Wedding Anniversary.
Mick's parents gave us some money to get something that we wanted. Now normally any spare cash we have, gets swallowed up by bill's. But not this year, I was determined that we would have something that we needed.
Our Chickens, have been living in the Railway Carriage in the Stable Yard, but the roof is leaking and we've also had problems with vermin. So I wouldn't eat the Eggs or use them in case they'd been contaminated.
So we used the money to get a new Hen House and a small Duck House.
I originally saw the Hen House in Wilkinson's or Wilko's, but it was out of stock.
So I shopped around on the Internet, as the prices really varied and ended up getting the Hen House from Pet Pads, and the Duck House from Ebay.
The Chickens and the Cockerel, really like their new pad and the Duck who also lives with a Cockerel, seem very happy in their little house together. I really like the new set up as the Coop can be moved around, instead of it being in one place and its much easier to keep clean.
Today, I went to a local Nursery, where they also sell Point Of Lay Birds and brought another couple of Chickens. I'll get some pictures, once they have all settled in together..

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Who Is Biscuit - Can Anyone Help ????

Today, I was contacted by a lovely Lady named Laura.
She is trying to trace any information on her Rescued Miniature Shetland Pony, who is called Biscuit.
Biscuits story is that he was found around 2006/07 . Laura was told, by the rescue centre, that he had been thrown out of a transit van, over a 5 bar gate into a farmers field and dumped. He was taken to a small family owned rescue centre in Kent (which closed down last year). But he wasn't Micro-chipped, which he is now. Laura got Biscuit from the rescue centre 3 years ago in July 2008 and has spent lots of time, building his trust in people again. The first three pictures are from Laura's & Biscuits first show last weekend. As you can see he is a much loved Pony now.
Biscuit is around 31-33 inches tall and was an entire Stallion when dumped. The rescue centre had him gelded, and their Vet estimated his date of birth as approximately 1998.
Laura would really like to know his history and also be able to register him with the Shetland Pony Stud Book Society.
Laura is sure he was once owned by some nice people and was maybe stolen to cover mares and then dumped. She contacted me, as on reading my blog, she saw, that we came from Kent and wanted to know if we'd lost or had a Pony Stolen.
So does anyone recognise him? or have any information that could help Laura, track Biscuits breeding?
Any help would be gratefully received.
I've posted this on both blogs as I know a lot of my friends read this

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Fabulous Flowers

Just thought I'd share these pictures , that I've been taking around the place. Fabulous Foxgloves and the Flowers that are in my hanging baskets.
If you look closely at a couple of the photographs, you can actually see the Bee's about to go into the flowers. I've not planted any of the Foxgloves, they have just self seeded everywhere.
I've also updated the Hericus Blog, with lots of Pony Pictures, including lots of the Foals and added some more links over on the Tiny Treasures Mini Link page.
If you click on the pictures, they will pop up bigger.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

AIM Imag June July Issue Online

Aim Imag Issue 35 June July 2011

If You Want To Get Ahead Get A Hat...

Some more Miniatures I haven't showed you.
These Beautiful Miniature Hats were made by my friend Kat. Everyone that knows me, knows that I have a terrible addiction for Kat's Hat's. I've given up counting how many I have now..

When Kat first showed this Leather Top Hat, I fell in Love with it. I emailed Kat, and asked very nicely if I could buy it and the rest they say is History.
Now Kat being the lovely Lady that she is, also included the little Purple Hat with the Mad Jazzy Feathers.
For those of you that may need a Miniature Hat, go and have a look at Kat's Blog page and her Etsy Shop.
Kat, does make exceeding good Hats...

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

CDHM - The Miniature Way

CDHM - The Miniature Way i-Mag June edition is now on line....

Friday, 27 May 2011

Wonderous Wands...

As you know, I've been having some problems with my Computer. It's an on going saga, but hopefully once Ben finishes University, he is taking it over to his friends to get it sorted again, hopefully once and for all. Or else I can see me lobbing the Bl***y thing, out the door.
While all the data was being transferred to the external hard drive. I came across quite a few pictures and miniatures that I haven't shared with you.
If you click on the pictures they will pop up bigger.
These are some wonderful Miniature Wands that I purchased from Lorraine over at Dollhouse Mini's by Dfly Creations blog. Lorraine also has an Etsy Shop, where you can purchase her wonderful creations. At the moment she has some lovely Wand Box Stacks with a Wand. They would look amazing in a Miniature Ollivanders Wand Shop. The Skeleton wand, I purchased is amazing, considering just how tiny it is.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


My eldest Son Ben and his Girlfriend Courtney attended the Aberystwyth University May Ball, a couple of weeks ago.
Ben told me that there would be a Bungee there and that he intended to do a jump. Well me being his Mum, first thought that he was joking and then when he said he wasn't, asked him not to. I have a terrible fear of heights and the thought of him jumping from this crane, well it made me feel physically sick.
Courtney, didn't want him to do it either and was crying even before he got the harness on, she was really frightened for him. She said when he did the jump, he looked like a Rag Doll hanging from the line. But give her, her due, she managed to take the pictures of him jumping. If you click on the pictures they will pop up bigger.
That Blue Dot hanging on the end of that elastic, is my Boy... So glad I wasn't there, think I'd have been sick. Thankfully nothing went wrong and he said it was brilliant.
Apparently Ben has a Bucket List, nineteen and has a bucket list, gawd knows what else is on there. Think its best he doesn't tell me. And there was me, thinking that Harry my youngest, was the Dare Devil....

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