Wednesday, 22 June 2011

New Chicken House...

Forget to show this on my blog. In May it was mine and Mick's Wedding Anniversary.
Mick's parents gave us some money to get something that we wanted. Now normally any spare cash we have, gets swallowed up by bill's. But not this year, I was determined that we would have something that we needed.
Our Chickens, have been living in the Railway Carriage in the Stable Yard, but the roof is leaking and we've also had problems with vermin. So I wouldn't eat the Eggs or use them in case they'd been contaminated.
So we used the money to get a new Hen House and a small Duck House.
I originally saw the Hen House in Wilkinson's or Wilko's, but it was out of stock.
So I shopped around on the Internet, as the prices really varied and ended up getting the Hen House from Pet Pads, and the Duck House from Ebay.
The Chickens and the Cockerel, really like their new pad and the Duck who also lives with a Cockerel, seem very happy in their little house together. I really like the new set up as the Coop can be moved around, instead of it being in one place and its much easier to keep clean.
Today, I went to a local Nursery, where they also sell Point Of Lay Birds and brought another couple of Chickens. I'll get some pictures, once they have all settled in together..


Tallulah Belle said...

What a cute little house...I am sure they'll all be happy there. Glad you got yourselves somehting you really wanted :-)

By the way Wilkos used to be one of my favorite stores...I was amazed how big they'd got when I was just over there....a real treasure trove of goodies I couldn't fit in my case lol.

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

I love your new chicken house! We have been looking at getting one. I think this a great present :)


Kathi said...

At first I thought these were miniature! I would love to have chickens but I live in the city. Doubt my neighbors would like to hear roosters at 5 AM! :D

miniaturista said...

La cabañita de la granja es preciosa.
Un abrazo

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