Tuesday, 31 July 2007

BT & Bathing

Hi all, had a few problems over the weekend with our BT line. Couldn't use the internet or the home phone on Sunday, severe crackling on the line. I rang BT Sunday afternoon and they said the engineer would be out on Monday. Sunday Karen & Lisa came over to do Cravat's whiskers for me and try his new bridle on. Lisa very kindly sat & cleaned the bridle, while we were having a chat. Quite looking forward to the show now.
Monday we went out to get some plywood for the trailer to stop Cravat coming to far forward & going under the bars. Also popped to Di's for some straw. Monday afternoon BT engineer turned up and completely disconnected us, while he run new cables on the telegraph poles. He said they were really old and had started to rot. So we now have all new cabling and the phone line and Internet are back to normal. Also got my clothes out read y for the show and polished my boots, so their gleaming.
Mark turned up very early this morning to cut our hay, I only noticed it had been done when I went in the Barn for some hay. He's been back this afternoon to turn it. He will turn it again for a couple of days & hopefully Friday he'll bale it. Looks like we've got a long weekend ahead, cause its bloody hard work bringing in the Hay.
I spent most of this morning bathing Cravat and grooming him, he's looking very handsome and his coat is shining. Its been blazing hot here today so he dried out pretty quickly. I've plaited up his tail and rolled it up in a sock to keep it clean till tomorrow. That's if it stays on overnight.
I think the Boot Sale Queen & the kids are coming to cheer us on tomorrow.
Rachael & Scarlet popped over this afternoon to meet the new ponies and have a natter. She said she might also make the show.
Well I'm off to get some bits & pieces ready now. Keep your fingers crossed for us tomorrow....

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Welcome Kai

Friday was a catch up day with washing etc.

Diane & Paul came over late Friday afternoon to pick up Sheamus. Diane is going to bring him back into work and then sell him for me from her yard, just got to try & find his passport. Rang Ben last night to see if he was looking forward to coming home & he said "Yes, I Suppose So", think he's been spoilt by Katie's Mum.

Today Kai came to join our every growing family. Richard, Karen & Lisa brought him over on the lorry. We put him straight out in the paddock and he's been strutting his stuff ever since. He's a very handsome pony. Thank you Lisa for letting us have him.
I've been out in the fields all afternoon pulling the dreaded Ragwort again, the bloody stuff keeps rearing its ugly head. I'm sure its blowing in off a neighbouring field.
Just waiting for Ben to get home, he rang me from the Airport to say they had landed and apparently he's brought a Haggis back with him.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Feeling Better...

Well I've had a couple of doses of my painkillers & they have definately taken the edge of the pain. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself yesterday.

One of our friends Jayne & her boys Daniel & Joseph, came to see us this afternoon to have a look at the new ponies and then we all went up to the Army Surplus shop. Daniel needed some water proofs for camp and we wanted to get a large water carrier to put in the trailer for the show next week.

Ben rang me last night to see how I was, told him what the Doctor said and again told him not to worry. They were all at the Pub when he rang as Katie's mum had taken them all out for a meal. He said he'd had the biggest juicest Gammon steak, he's really enjoying himself. So glad that I let him go. Will give him a ring later to see what he's been up to today.

Harry's been working on a model that we brought him and is doing really well, putting all the little bits together. Must take after his Mum!

Tash (The Boot Sale Queen) & all the family have gone to Cornwall for the weekend, sent her a text this morning telling her that there are severe weather warnings for the South West. Her reply was something along the lines that it won't be raining inside the shops... I bet she comes home with loads of stuff, cause they've got a big camper van now. Just think what you'll be able to get in there Tash..!

Hopefully Sheamus is going to my friend Di's tomorrow, but haven't heard yet so will ring her later to see whats happening.

Been trying to get hold of my friend Tanya... Tanya if your reading this listen to your bloody answer phone messages.

Mick's Mum & Dad rang doesn't look like they will be up as Mick's Nan is poorly and they don't want to be away from her at the moment. I know Mick's quite worried although he doesn't say a lot. Its difficult for him as we are at least 5 hours away.

We've been watching the Royal Welsh this week, which finished today. I loved the Shetland Grand National & the Welsh Cobs they all looked magnificent. There was also a French horse whisperer at the show and it was absolutely amazing what his Horses would do and it had only taken three months of training. I take my hat of to everyone that went cause the place was knee high in mud.
Couldn't resist putting another picture of Cravat on here, he's quite a little character.

Doctors Yesterday!

Sorry no blog yesterday, was feeling pretty rough.. I was finally persuaded to go and visit the Doctor's, after not being able to lift my left leg & foot properly. Doctor thinks that when I fell I've strained or sprained a large ligament in my back, that is connected to my leg muscles & that the muscles underneath the ligament are very bruised. He's given me some strong painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets to ease the pain. Told him I'm supposed to be showing next Wednesday at Cardigan and he said as long as I felt OK & could run again there wasn't any reason I couldn't, but advised me not to lift anything heavy.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Welcome To Birchwood Cravat

Harry & Tom had a bit of a lay in this morning as they were both up till late on the Playstation. Tom had to be home at 10.30 this morning. Mick took him back while I was sorting some stuff out indoors.

Went over to Karen's about 11.30am to pick up Cravat, what a lovely Pony, walked straight into the Trailer no problem. He's a chunky little chap. He has a very unusual colour Silver Dun & is very handsome underneath all that Mane. Harry had a good look round Karen & Lisa's Stables at all the other Horses.
Brought Cravat back home and he walked out of the trailer, straight into the stable, he's certainly making himself at home already. If its nice tomorrow will put him out for a couple of hours.
Karen & Lisa had to pop into Newcastle Emlyn to get a Leather Head Collar fixed and I asked them to come up for a cuppa and they would be able to see how Cravat had settled in. Which they did and we had a good chat and a laugh this afternoon.
Received the Mane Hairs from Bev today from Warriors mum Artsplace Evelyn. Have put them in his folder ready for DNA testing.
I also rang the people that have Neo's dad, Goytre Edward to see if they had posted his hairs to me yet or had they forgot. They said they had pulled the hairs and would be sending them shortly.
Haven't heard from Ben today so might give him a ring later to see what he's been up to today. No good sending him a text cause I''ll only get a short reply.
Sold some more stuff on Ebay today, so it will be back down the post office again tomorrow.

Monday, 23 July 2007

Delivery Day...

I was up at 6am this morning just couldn't get comfortable, my back is still really sore. Got my self washed, dressed went downstairs, let the dogs out and then made a cuppa. Drunk my tea and then went down the stables to let the ponies out and muck out, back indoors by 7.20am.
Delivery men were supposed to be ringing between 7-8am, but didn't.
Mick got up about 9.30. Seemed really weird not having the boys here today.
Rang Tasha (The Boot Sale Queen), she's not feeling very well today(I bet it's an allergic reaction to the Camper Van), only joking Geoff! Hope your feeling better Tasha x.
Had a call from Debbie at the Saddle shop to say the showing Bridle for Cravat was ready. Mick stayed indoors awaiting delivery of the coffee table while I popped into town to post some parcels and pick up the bridle which is really lovely. Debbie wished me good luck for Cardigan sh
Came home then got a call from the couriers saying they would be with us within a hour. Which they were. Opened the packaging while they were still here and noticed that the joints on the table top had opened up. The Courier took photo's of the damage, but as the packaging wasn't damaged think it had been wrapped like it. Sent an email straight to the company and they agreed to pay us compensation to have the joint repaired which we agreed to, cause I'd never be able to afford to buy another one the same in the retail shops, the same table in Laura Ashley is £699.
Then I rang Karen to ask roughly what time they would be over as Harry was still over Tom's and we needed to pop out to get some shopping. Said it would be around 5ish.
Rang Nicky to ask her if Tom wanted to come back with Harry and stay the night, she said that was OK and she would bring Harry and Tom back.
Popped to the local shop to pick up some bits and then straight home.
Got another phone call from Karen saying that due to the bad weather that's on its way again, they didn't think it was wise to bring the Stallions over if they were being turned out in the field as they've both been in Stables for a year, and they could become ill outside. So we have decided to go and get Cravat tomorrow and stable him, but leave Kai over there until the weather improves, as its better for him. That way I can spend some time getting to know Cravat and walking him before the show.
Managed to sort out another load of paper work today and the place looks half tidy again.
Tom's Dad brought Harry & Tom over and they are on the Play Station, will send them both to bed shortly.
Sent Ben a text this evening asking if he was OK. Got a very short text back saying OK been Inverness speak later. Typical Male.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Sore Sunday....

Got up this morning feeling pretty sore, especially my back. Got a bit of swelling there, and a lovely bruise on my elbow. Mick jet washed the concrete steps down today, so hopefully no more accidents!

Have done some more listings today on Ebay, have been really pleased with the response I'm getting. Hopefully it will continue.

Harry went over for his Riding lesson this afternoon, and Nicky asked if he wanted to stay over with Tom for the afternoon, which he did. Then got a phone call about an hour later from Harry asking if he could stay the night. Told him it was ok.

Rang Ben this evening and he seems to be having a good time. Said they all went to bed really late last night, cause loads of people kept turning up at Katie's. He said it was like Piccadilly Circus. He also said they were going into Inverness tomorrow. Asked me how I was feeling and had I been to the Hospital to be checked over. Told him not to worry I was OK, just bloody sore.
Just my luck me & Mick all on our own tonight and I feel like crap.
Karen rang today the Stallions are being delivered tomorrow as Richard was at work all weekend. Will ring before they come so that we can put Sheamus out of the way.
Hopefully my new oak coffee table is being delivered as well tomorrow, the Couriers rang and said they would get the delivery men to give us a call in the morning between 7am - 8am to give us a rough estimate of what time they will be here. I bet they turn up as we are unloading the Stallions!
Also forgot to say yesterday, that the gentleman that owns the cottage that they took down at the end of our field, called up to see us about the boundary. Told him that I wasn't very happy with the way it had been left and wanted a retaining wall put back there. He has agreed to sign a letter, stating where the boundary lies and then asked us if we would consider selling him a strip of land. Told him we would think about it.
I've just a soak in a lovely hot bath to try & relieve some of my aches, but it doesn't seem to have had any effect yet. Looks like another early night with my pain killers...

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Harry Potter....Deathly Hallows

Our copy of Harry Potter came this morning before I took Harry over to his friends. Couldn't wait to start reading it.. Took Harry over to the party, popped to the shops for some milk and then straight home. Got out of the car, with a bag of shopping went to come down the concrete steps from the drive and slipped. Next thing I knew I was at the bottom, not sure whether I'd broke my arm and feeling pretty sick. Stayed sitting on the floor for a couple of minutes to get my breath, was glad that my arm and back took the impact, not my head as I was on my own. Mick was taking Ben to the airport and Harry had been left at the party. Got myself indoors and then held a cold compress on my arm. Really shook me up!
Rang Mick to see where he was and told him what had happened and he was only about an hour and half from home, so he said he'd get Harry on his way through to save me driving the car.
Tanya then rang and she knew by th e tone of my voice that something was wrong, told her what had happened and she said good job I wasn't there cause I'd have laughed, but I'd have made sure you was ok first!
Told me she'd had a barny with the next door neighbour (Tanya's got a wicked temper). Told her she needs to control herself cause she goes demented. Shes definately coming up in August which will be great cause we miss her & the kids.
Ben rang to let me know that he had arrived OK and that they had been picked up which was another weight of my mind.
I then started the last Harry Potter book Deathly Hallows and finished reading it about 9pm. Its a really good read and has a few unexpected twists in it. More then one character die but that's all I'm saying,I'm not going to give the game away.
Feeling pretty bruised now and have a lovely swelling on my elbow, will see if its any better tomorrow. Off to bed now with a couple of Paracetamol.

More Miniatures

Done really well selling my miniatures on Ebay. So have listed some more to see how these ones go. Was really surprised how popular my Pie,Mash & Liquor was. I've had emails asking for more.

Was up at six this morning to see Ben off, Micks taking him and his friend to Bristol Airport, to fly to Inverness in Bonny Scotland where they are staying with a friend. Double checked he had his passport etc.Mick's taken my car cause its cheaper on the fuel then the 4x4, only thing is I've got to use it today and its like a bloody tank to drive. I thought I'd do some more listings on Ebay while it was quite. Harry's still tucked up in bed, but has got a party today from 11am - 1pm, hardly seems all the trouble for 2 hours.

Weather is awful been raining all evening and this morning. It seems to be clearing up a bit now.
Anyway I'm off to have a shower and will update later.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Last Day At Juniors

Ben went off to Cadbury World this morning at 7am & he's not back yet!(bet it was hard to drag the kids away from all that chocolate).
It was Harry's last day at his Junior school today & all the kids were in floods of tears at home time. Even the teachers had a few tears. Harry took a school top in with him and the other pupils and teachers, signed it for him. He went off to Scout's tonight but Roz brought him back about 15 minutes later, saying that Scouts had been cancelled due to the weather. They were supposed to be having a Barbecue tonight and hadn't got the hall.
I went over to Diane's this morning at 9am to help her get sorted out as she has visitors from tomorrow. We managed to get loads done and she's pretty straight now. Came home about 2pm.
Our Prefix for the Stud name came this morning and we got "Hericus", which means Harry in Latin. Any foals we have from now on, including Athena will have Hericus on their passports. I had the Stud name registered in all our names, so the prefix belongs to all of us.
Started wrapping up some more parcels this evening, for posting again tomorrow. My miniatures seem to be selling really well on Ebay. Which is fantastic cause I've got thousands of the things boxed in the garage! What joy to try and make some space in there.
Ben's just got back from Cadburys World and the top of our fridge is now full of chocolate.... Think I best go and sample some.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Welcome Tinkerbell & Tiger Lily

This morning we went over to Karen's to pick up our two new filly's Tinkerbell & Tiger Lily. Had a look at the Stallions while I was there and they are looking tremendous, had forgotten how much mane & tail they have. The two girls didn't want to go in the trailer but after much persuading and Lisa bribing them with food and a bit of pushing they went in. Brought them straight back and turned them out with Minuette, Athena & Chi-Chi. Was a few squeals but have really settled down nicely now and seem to be getting on ok. Tinkerbell has lost some of her mane due to Karen & Lisa's other ponies having a chew on it. They both have beautiful faces and I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to have them join us. Just wait till you see the Stallions. Told Lisa she is welcome over to see them anytime she likes.
Harry was trilled when he got in from school, he didn't even bother to come indoors, he went straight down the field to see them. He thinks their both lovely. Hopefully Harry will be able to show these ponies. Have left them all out this evening for the first time as its quite warm this evening, just hoping Athena will be warm enough cuddled up to her Mum.
Its Harry last day at his junior school tomorrow so we wrapped up some presents for his teachers this evening.
Ben's off to Cadbury's world with the school in the morning, needs to be at the school at 7am for the coach told him to bring us back some chocs. Must remember to do him a packed lunch tonight and put it in the fridge.
I'm off to my friend Di's tomorrow to give her a hand at her place.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Posting Day

This morning I spent ages wrapping up my miniatures that I sold on Ebay, ready to post this afternoon. Spoke to the Boot Sale Queen this morning for quick catch up. Geoff brought the camper van he wanted so they went out in it over the weekend.
Also rang the Secretary for the South & South West Wales Pony Group to see when our family membership run out, its only a couple of months out of date, so sent off a cheque this afternoon to update. Then rang the organiser's of the Nevern County Show and asked them to send me a schedule.
Spoke to two friends last night, Tracy who I went to Nursery, Junior & Secondary school with and she also lived with me for a while before I met Mick.We even had our kids in the same years, five weeks and 5 months apart .We have been friends for Forty years, seems impossible that all that time has passed. (Sorry Gunge I've given our age away now!)
Then spoke to Val who was really close to my Mum & Dad, she's more like family then a friend. I had this feeling that I needed to speak to her and when I did it was to find out that her Mum Peggy is in hospital. Val if your reading this we are sending Peggy loads of Love & Get Well Wishes.
This afternoon I rang the Funeral Directors, back in Greenwich as I wanted to know if the inscription for my Dad was on my families headstone yet. My Mum, Dad & Brothers Richard & Dean are buried together. They rang me back & said it was all in hand to be done. I wouldn't mind but this has been going on since November last year! It's really ticking me off now. First of all, if you've never done this you have to wait for the ground to settle after a burial before they will even consider resiting the stone, as ours is a family plot it's not just the headstone you have to worry about but the sides and full cover stone, then because Dad left the deeds to me I had to write to the local council & pay a fee to have the ownership documents transferred to me which takes ages cause they need proof of probate, Solicitors letters etc, then we moved so had to get back onto the council to update them with our new address,that was before I could commission the work to be done, as the documents have to be correct or they won't allow any work. Filled out all the forms with the undertakers and went back to Greenwich in November last year to finalize and then heard nothing for ages. Then had a letter in March to say that they had lost the paperwork from one office to another, so had to refill in all the forms, then got a letter back saying that it was all in hand. I rang them in May and the day I rang they said that they had only just got the work certificate back from the council, and that work normally is done within 12 weeks. Well its OK for them ,they been sitting on my money, in their bank earning interest all this time, because you have to pay for the work before its even done, nice little earner for them.
I was really hoping Dad would be on there by now, as its Mum's Anniversary on the 19Th July and I know that people will be visiting the grave. Anyway enough of that......
Ben didn't have to go in again today so helped his Dad with the fencing in the new paddocks and fixed some fencing that had broken. So we are all ready now for tomorrow. Whats so special about tomorrow? Well we are picking the two new fillies up from Karen's, so excited, another couple of babies joining us. If the rain holds off tomorrow will try and get some nice pictures of them and add them to my postings.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Busy Monday

Got up bright and early this morning as the Calor gas rep was coming to check out our think tank, it's not sending its signal properly. Ben didn't go to school today as they have activities week this week and they can choose to go in or not. He didn't fancy what was on to day so stayed at home.
Diane rang told her that I'm going to Cardigan Show, she was really pleased as she is showing their as well. So we can give each other moral support.
Calor Gas Rep called about 8.40am fixed the problem and off he went.
I then went down to the Stables to clean them out completely. I've been deep littering the stables, but it was time they were cleaned out thoroughly and disinfected, especially as we have the new ponies coming this week. That took till 11.45am and we lost count of how many barrow fulls we took out. Then of to The Saddle Shop in Emlyn at 12noon to meet Karen, as she had kindly brought over her show bridle, to have it measured by Debbie,(not me the Saddle Maker), to make me one the same to fit Cravat for the show... Also needed to get a leather lead rein with chain and a bit & Chain. Met Karen & Lisa (who'd also had a crafty day off school) in the saddle shop and bridle and other bits now on order and hopefully it will all be ready this time next week... Then we all came back to ours for a cuppa and chat. Also took Karen & Lisa round to the far field to see Neo & Magic.
Then it was off to Emlyn again as I'd finally received a cheque from my car insurance company for my excess to pay into the bank. Popped in the supermarket, then round to the school to pick Harry up. Straight home for tea. Then on Ben's PC to check my Ebay, as some of my listed items were selling today, and was pleasantly surprised that everything that was ending today has sold. Just waiting on payment for some items.
I've added a couple of pic's of the kitchen as for some reason that wouldn't load onto my blog yesterday.
Have you also noticed that I've added a counter to my blog to see how many people are looking in on us.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Gloomy Sunday

The weather here today is awful, very overcast and misty, had some rain as well. Spoke to a couple of friends today back in Kent and its blazing hot there. Wish they could send some up here!

Spoke to Karen today and she has persuaded me to show one of the ponies at the Cardigan show on 1st August, rang the lady that deals with the show entries and she's allowed me to enter although the entries closed on the 11Th. Should be a giggle, never show before in my life so have no idea what I'm supposed to do, but Karen's daughter Lisa said that she would help me. Picking the new filly's up on Wednesday and Karen & Richard are bringing the Stallions over next weekend. So will have to make sure everything in order for them.

Spoke to a dear friend Carol today to catch up. Carol was very close to my Mum & Dad and has known me since I was a little girl. She's made me promise that I'll wear some makeup at the show.Hi Carol if your reading this. Size is the same.....Give my love to John & Dolly x

Spoke to Tanya today, it was Ayden's birthday yesterday and she'd taken him & Kiera down to Hastings for the day, but it took her four hours plus to get home as the motorway was shut due to a fatal crash. Caught up with all the news & gossip. Had a really good laugh over an incident that happened ages ago to us & Tanya, all I'll say is that Tanya was having one of her fishwife episodes at the time in Nuxley Village..

Also spoke to Ruth who lived in the next turning to us back in Kent, told me her Dad is suffering from Shingles, do hope he's better soon & also that my old Avon lady Bev's husband is in Kings hospital quite poorly. I wish him well.

Harry didn't go riding today, as it was miserable weather and he was tired. I rang Nicky to cancel and just hope the weather improves by next weekend.Ben had a great time with his friend on Saturday and has set up his new printer today, so he's well happy.

Took some pictures of the kitchen again today. You can see the difference painting the beams as made. Scaffolding tower had to come down so that we could move the boxes underneath the beams that have been painted, its going back up again tomorrow. Still loads of painting to do but its quite difficult trying to work round everything and still use the kitchen to cook in.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Tivyside Show

Ben came home from work experience yesterday and James had treated him to a Canon pixma ip6700D photo printer for his computer. I think Ben was really taken aback as he hadn't expected to get anything. I rang James to thank him and he said he had been trying to work out, what he could get for him and Ben in conversation said that he didn't have a printer for his computer. Thank you again James, it was really kind of you. Ben went over to stay at his friends last night and they were going into Carmarthen today. So he won't be home till later this evening.

Mick, Harry and I got up bright and early this morning to go to the Tivy Side Show. A few of my friends were showing their Ponies and Horses today. Because of the terrible rain we had yesterday, the Horse Lorries were having to be pulled into the field to park. So glad we all wore our big boots. The Sun came out about 9am and by the time we left this afternoon, the ground had dried up. The pictures are of my friend Diane on her Grey Hunter "Hustler" & Kerry on her hunter "Tapecka" (not sure if I've spelt that correctly!) The top two pics are of Shetlands. We meet up with our other friend Rachael and her daughter Scarlet and had a really nice day.We did have a laugh with Diane after she'd finished showing she went back to the lorry to get changed and I have to say Di, those socks certainly make you stand out in a crowd. Rachael and Scarlet left the show with us and came back to ours for a well earned cuppa and sit down.

Friday, 13 July 2007

More Ebay Items

I've spent most of today taking pictures of my miniatures and listing them on Ebay, you don't realise how long it takes having to write a description for every item and upload pictures.
Mick managed to get two kitchen units in today, still got loads of painting to do on the beams though, just hoping we don't have any mishaps with the paint pot! But need to get some up, so that we can move the other units to move the scaffolding tower. Its a big Kitchen but full of stuff. I've said that before I put anything in the new units, I'm going to have a real good sort out and get rid of what we don't use or need. Somewhere in the millions of boxes we still have to unpack is a new set saucepans. Suppose I'll find them one day, could be this year or in the next ten. I jest not. The trouble is that when my Mum & Dad died, I couldn't face going through their stuff so it all got packed into boxes which we put in storage and then brought straight from storage to here on the moving lorries, and its all still in boxes with our stuff, being stored in the boys play room over the stables & anywhere else we could find a gap. I did start sorting the stuff at the beginning of the year, but have got waylaid doing the house. Its a mammoth task and certain thing's still upset me when I get them out, so back in the boxes they go for another day. I don't want my boys having to sort it out if anything happens to me and we could do with the extra room, especially downstairs in the stable block.
Ben's going over to his friends to stay this evening and their going out tomorrow for the day. It's his last day of work experience today. Hope he wasn't working outside cause its been tipping it down all day.
Hopefully we are going to the local Tivyside Show tomorrow if it stops raining, will definately take the 4x4, incase we get stuck in mud on the fields. They normally have a tractor in attendance to pull you free from the mud. Boots and weatherproofs tomorrow I think.Glad I'm not showing any of our ponies.
Mick's Mum & Dad rang this afternoon from the Chalet for a catch up chat, they said they've got sunshine where they are, well could you send some up here please...

Thursday, 12 July 2007


Cheap listing day on Ebay today so thought I'd put some more miniatures on and see how they do.Got some bids on my other stuff.
Spoke to The Boot Sale Queen this morning, little Brandon's not well today and running a bit of a temperature. It's Lewis's Birthday as well today and Tasha is having 4 of his friends home for tea tonight. Happy Birthday Lewis. I don't envy you tonight Tasha with all those boys running round your house.
Caught up with a few friends last night. Tanya rang and she thinks she will be up around the 18th August for a week, said she may even drive up, now she's got a decent car and not the skip on wheels. Also had a good old chin wag with Sadie who lives up here,who we met through her son Toby. Toby is friends with Harry & are going to Senior School together in September. They have got the most beautiful Siberian Husky Dogs, which are Mick's absolutely favourite breed of dog, but we couldn't have one because of the live stock.Hi Sadie if your reading this.
Got Harry's other friend Paul here this evening, we have him home from school every Thursday evening for tea, then take him to Scouts in Newcastle Emlyn with Harry. Paul's mum then picks them up and brings Harry home in the evening. But next week will be the last time as Paul will be going to a different Senior school in September. Harry & his school friends made the paper again today, picture of his whole class to wish them all well at their new schools. I think its a really lovely thing for the local papers to do, and will definately be going into Harry's Scrapbook, much to his distaste.
Ben's still out with James as I write this so don't know what time he will be in tonight.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Sports Day!

Well no painting for me today, went to Harry's Schools Sports Day. Rang Tash(The Boot Sale Queen), this morning to arrange a time to meet in the car park, so we could help her with the little ones. Arrived at the school at 11.45am and then made ourselves comfortable, so that we could watch the kids in their races. Had quite a giggle when I opened the ground sheet for the Kids to sit on & this big spider strolled out. Tash I wish I could have got a picture of your face, I've never seen you move so fast. Brandon & Tyler enjoyed running around and both wore themselves out.

Managed to get some pictures of Lewis, Callum and Harry in their races. This was Harry's last sports day at the junior school as he moves up to senior school in September. I think he was well chuffed when they picked him to be the group captain, he certainly looked after the little ones today. Sports day finally ended at 3.25pm,Its quite a long day for the kids sitting about waiting for their races, but we were lucky with the weather and it stayed warm for them.
Ben went out with James this morning for his work experience, don't suppose we will see him till about 6pm. But good news his passport came today so I don't have to worry about him boarding the internal flight to Inverness, as he now has photographic proof of who he is. Will still get his Validate card for him as will come in useful for him getting on the bus etc,so he can prove his age. Being 6ft 2ins most people think he's either 18 or 19.
Just checked my Ebay and I've got another bid so I'm well pleased.
The pictures on today's blog are Tash,Brandon & Tyler. Brandon out for the count in his pushchair, Harry in one of his races. Harry sitting down with Callum who's holding the blue bottle and their group and Harry standing behind Lewis waiting for the race to start.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

More Painting & More Posting's

Had a call last night from Ben's Godfather Steve, to let me know that a really good friend of my Dad's Albert Hider had died on Friday. It's such a shame, the last time I saw him was at my Dad's funeral. Albert was the one who introduced my Mum & Dad all those years ago, and Albert also went to school with my Dad in the East End. It brings it all back & that I've now lost another link to my Mum & Dad.
Ben didn't go to work experience today as James is sick, so I took him up to his school to get his Validate form signed and witnessed by the Deputy Head. Then went into Carmarthen Farmers to buy some Horse food, shavings and Rabbit Food. Popped in the Garden Centre to get Ferret food and then home to start painting again.
Managed to get a coat of emulsion on the walls and paint some of the beams. Need the beams to dry out before I can put another coat of paint on. So it will be more painting tomorrow.
Horsey Karen rang today, she will be getting the ponies ready this week and hopefully will deliver the Stallions next weekend. Also spoke to my friend Di this morning and she is in the Tivy Side show this weekend in the working Hunter class. We will be going to this show as it is local to where we live. Karen's daughter Lisa is also showing there this weekend. Most remember to take my camera as I want to get a picture of Lisa in all her new finery.
Took some more pictures of my miniatures this morning as well,want to list them on Ebay on Thursday as its cheap listing day! Checked my Ebay about 10 minutes ago and I already have some bids. So lets hope the bids increase, as I've started them all at 99p.
Harry's still out on his trip to the Big Pit with the school got to pick him up at 7pm and its his school's sports day tomorrow, bet all the kids will be shattered. Just hoping that the weather stays nice for them tomorrow and it doesn't get cancelled.

Monday, 9 July 2007

Got My Title Heading Back

Been Messing around trying to get a title back on my blog, just want to check its working. Have put another couple of pictures on here of my Miniatures.

Painting & Ebay.

Yesterday & tonight I put some of my Miniature creations on Ebay to see how they do.(I'm tinytreasure1). I haven't had the time to make anything lately, but these are things I made ages ago and were sitting in in one of many boxes that still need to be unpacked! (well there no good there when they could be making a few pennies).And yes that fingernail is real in the picture with the Chocolate Gateau's, I'm really lucky that my nails grow really fast and are really strong. I do enjoy browsing Ebay to see what bargains are to be had.We got our new Bathroom Suite of there and loads of bits for the house and the horses. But I get so frustrated when you've left a bid and right in the last 10 seconds, another bidder gets in and wins the item.

I've been up the scaffold tower today to start painting the kitchen ceiling and beams. It's not for the faint hearted, one slip and its goodnight all. I also started putting some silk emulsion on the walls, where the units are going,otherwise I'll be trying to paint over the units and you can bet your life I'd spill some.
Ben went to work with James this morning and seems to have had a good day, said they had quite a laugh. So glad he's enjoying it.
Harry's out with the school on a trip to the Big Pit tomorrow, he needs to be at school at 8.20am to leave at 8.30am, they won't be back till around 7pm.
I expect I'll be back up the scaffolding tomorrow painting.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Made a right pigs ear putting a slide show on my blog, don't know why its gone on twice? I've tried removing one but it hasn't worked! I can't put a title on my post either. Blogger most be having one of those days...
Been really busy again all weekend.
Friday was a catch up day, done loads of washing, I'm sure it breeds in the washing bin, one minute its empty then you turn your back and its full to the brim again. Still at least I don't have to iron it all, it all goes in the tumble dryer, then out and hung away. I think ironing is a total waste of time and effort. The only time the iron emerges from the cupboard in our house, is if we are going to a wedding or party etc, then I will iron Mick and the boys a shirt. But you can guarantee I'll burn myself. Joanne the plumber came back to fit the last radiator in my bedroom, luckily no leaks this time and connect up the gas pipe for my new cooker. So that's all finished now. Also had our Karaoke machine out Friday, not had a sing song for ages.
Saturday Mick and Harry came back from his Mum & Dad's with the scaffold tower. I didn't think it would fit in the Jeep but it did. So will now be able to start on the kitchen ceiling next week. James popped over Saturday evening to go through what Ben will be doing with him next week on work experience.
Today we had a major re-shuffle of the horses. I put Sheamus in the Stables, so that we could move Neo, Magic, Warrior and Yum Yum round to the back field. Got them down to the stable yard and then took 2 at a time round to the field. Once they were down there, we took the trailer down with the water butt to fill up their drinking trough. That's the only problem using the back field is getting water down there. But the grass is so lush its worth the daily trips with water. We then got Katie, Muffy, Katie and Chi Chi in the barn as I needed to get a head collar on Chi Chi. She literally sat on her bottom in protest, but head collar is on. Then moved her round to the stables and gave her, her dosage of wormer. Turned Sheamus back out in the field, then put Chi Chi in with Min and Athena in the little paddock. Chi is Min's foal from last year.
Rang Karen today to see how Lisa got on showing yesterday, but the lorry broke down so she couldn't take her pony. But they did go to the show as Karen was judging the Shetlands classes. Also told Karen that we will pick up the new girls when she is ready.
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