Sunday, 8 July 2007

Made a right pigs ear putting a slide show on my blog, don't know why its gone on twice? I've tried removing one but it hasn't worked! I can't put a title on my post either. Blogger most be having one of those days...
Been really busy again all weekend.
Friday was a catch up day, done loads of washing, I'm sure it breeds in the washing bin, one minute its empty then you turn your back and its full to the brim again. Still at least I don't have to iron it all, it all goes in the tumble dryer, then out and hung away. I think ironing is a total waste of time and effort. The only time the iron emerges from the cupboard in our house, is if we are going to a wedding or party etc, then I will iron Mick and the boys a shirt. But you can guarantee I'll burn myself. Joanne the plumber came back to fit the last radiator in my bedroom, luckily no leaks this time and connect up the gas pipe for my new cooker. So that's all finished now. Also had our Karaoke machine out Friday, not had a sing song for ages.
Saturday Mick and Harry came back from his Mum & Dad's with the scaffold tower. I didn't think it would fit in the Jeep but it did. So will now be able to start on the kitchen ceiling next week. James popped over Saturday evening to go through what Ben will be doing with him next week on work experience.
Today we had a major re-shuffle of the horses. I put Sheamus in the Stables, so that we could move Neo, Magic, Warrior and Yum Yum round to the back field. Got them down to the stable yard and then took 2 at a time round to the field. Once they were down there, we took the trailer down with the water butt to fill up their drinking trough. That's the only problem using the back field is getting water down there. But the grass is so lush its worth the daily trips with water. We then got Katie, Muffy, Katie and Chi Chi in the barn as I needed to get a head collar on Chi Chi. She literally sat on her bottom in protest, but head collar is on. Then moved her round to the stables and gave her, her dosage of wormer. Turned Sheamus back out in the field, then put Chi Chi in with Min and Athena in the little paddock. Chi is Min's foal from last year.
Rang Karen today to see how Lisa got on showing yesterday, but the lorry broke down so she couldn't take her pony. But they did go to the show as Karen was judging the Shetlands classes. Also told Karen that we will pick up the new girls when she is ready.

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