Saturday, 14 July 2007

Tivyside Show

Ben came home from work experience yesterday and James had treated him to a Canon pixma ip6700D photo printer for his computer. I think Ben was really taken aback as he hadn't expected to get anything. I rang James to thank him and he said he had been trying to work out, what he could get for him and Ben in conversation said that he didn't have a printer for his computer. Thank you again James, it was really kind of you. Ben went over to stay at his friends last night and they were going into Carmarthen today. So he won't be home till later this evening.

Mick, Harry and I got up bright and early this morning to go to the Tivy Side Show. A few of my friends were showing their Ponies and Horses today. Because of the terrible rain we had yesterday, the Horse Lorries were having to be pulled into the field to park. So glad we all wore our big boots. The Sun came out about 9am and by the time we left this afternoon, the ground had dried up. The pictures are of my friend Diane on her Grey Hunter "Hustler" & Kerry on her hunter "Tapecka" (not sure if I've spelt that correctly!) The top two pics are of Shetlands. We meet up with our other friend Rachael and her daughter Scarlet and had a really nice day.We did have a laugh with Diane after she'd finished showing she went back to the lorry to get changed and I have to say Di, those socks certainly make you stand out in a crowd. Rachael and Scarlet left the show with us and came back to ours for a well earned cuppa and sit down.

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