Friday, 13 July 2007

More Ebay Items

I've spent most of today taking pictures of my miniatures and listing them on Ebay, you don't realise how long it takes having to write a description for every item and upload pictures.
Mick managed to get two kitchen units in today, still got loads of painting to do on the beams though, just hoping we don't have any mishaps with the paint pot! But need to get some up, so that we can move the other units to move the scaffolding tower. Its a big Kitchen but full of stuff. I've said that before I put anything in the new units, I'm going to have a real good sort out and get rid of what we don't use or need. Somewhere in the millions of boxes we still have to unpack is a new set saucepans. Suppose I'll find them one day, could be this year or in the next ten. I jest not. The trouble is that when my Mum & Dad died, I couldn't face going through their stuff so it all got packed into boxes which we put in storage and then brought straight from storage to here on the moving lorries, and its all still in boxes with our stuff, being stored in the boys play room over the stables & anywhere else we could find a gap. I did start sorting the stuff at the beginning of the year, but have got waylaid doing the house. Its a mammoth task and certain thing's still upset me when I get them out, so back in the boxes they go for another day. I don't want my boys having to sort it out if anything happens to me and we could do with the extra room, especially downstairs in the stable block.
Ben's going over to his friends to stay this evening and their going out tomorrow for the day. It's his last day of work experience today. Hope he wasn't working outside cause its been tipping it down all day.
Hopefully we are going to the local Tivyside Show tomorrow if it stops raining, will definately take the 4x4, incase we get stuck in mud on the fields. They normally have a tractor in attendance to pull you free from the mud. Boots and weatherproofs tomorrow I think.Glad I'm not showing any of our ponies.
Mick's Mum & Dad rang this afternoon from the Chalet for a catch up chat, they said they've got sunshine where they are, well could you send some up here please...

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