Saturday, 21 July 2007

Harry Potter....Deathly Hallows

Our copy of Harry Potter came this morning before I took Harry over to his friends. Couldn't wait to start reading it.. Took Harry over to the party, popped to the shops for some milk and then straight home. Got out of the car, with a bag of shopping went to come down the concrete steps from the drive and slipped. Next thing I knew I was at the bottom, not sure whether I'd broke my arm and feeling pretty sick. Stayed sitting on the floor for a couple of minutes to get my breath, was glad that my arm and back took the impact, not my head as I was on my own. Mick was taking Ben to the airport and Harry had been left at the party. Got myself indoors and then held a cold compress on my arm. Really shook me up!
Rang Mick to see where he was and told him what had happened and he was only about an hour and half from home, so he said he'd get Harry on his way through to save me driving the car.
Tanya then rang and she knew by th e tone of my voice that something was wrong, told her what had happened and she said good job I wasn't there cause I'd have laughed, but I'd have made sure you was ok first!
Told me she'd had a barny with the next door neighbour (Tanya's got a wicked temper). Told her she needs to control herself cause she goes demented. Shes definately coming up in August which will be great cause we miss her & the kids.
Ben rang to let me know that he had arrived OK and that they had been picked up which was another weight of my mind.
I then started the last Harry Potter book Deathly Hallows and finished reading it about 9pm. Its a really good read and has a few unexpected twists in it. More then one character die but that's all I'm saying,I'm not going to give the game away.
Feeling pretty bruised now and have a lovely swelling on my elbow, will see if its any better tomorrow. Off to bed now with a couple of Paracetamol.

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