Monday, 9 July 2007

Painting & Ebay.

Yesterday & tonight I put some of my Miniature creations on Ebay to see how they do.(I'm tinytreasure1). I haven't had the time to make anything lately, but these are things I made ages ago and were sitting in in one of many boxes that still need to be unpacked! (well there no good there when they could be making a few pennies).And yes that fingernail is real in the picture with the Chocolate Gateau's, I'm really lucky that my nails grow really fast and are really strong. I do enjoy browsing Ebay to see what bargains are to be had.We got our new Bathroom Suite of there and loads of bits for the house and the horses. But I get so frustrated when you've left a bid and right in the last 10 seconds, another bidder gets in and wins the item.

I've been up the scaffold tower today to start painting the kitchen ceiling and beams. It's not for the faint hearted, one slip and its goodnight all. I also started putting some silk emulsion on the walls, where the units are going,otherwise I'll be trying to paint over the units and you can bet your life I'd spill some.
Ben went to work with James this morning and seems to have had a good day, said they had quite a laugh. So glad he's enjoying it.
Harry's out with the school on a trip to the Big Pit tomorrow, he needs to be at school at 8.20am to leave at 8.30am, they won't be back till around 7pm.
I expect I'll be back up the scaffolding tomorrow painting.

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