Tuesday, 31 July 2007

BT & Bathing

Hi all, had a few problems over the weekend with our BT line. Couldn't use the internet or the home phone on Sunday, severe crackling on the line. I rang BT Sunday afternoon and they said the engineer would be out on Monday. Sunday Karen & Lisa came over to do Cravat's whiskers for me and try his new bridle on. Lisa very kindly sat & cleaned the bridle, while we were having a chat. Quite looking forward to the show now.
Monday we went out to get some plywood for the trailer to stop Cravat coming to far forward & going under the bars. Also popped to Di's for some straw. Monday afternoon BT engineer turned up and completely disconnected us, while he run new cables on the telegraph poles. He said they were really old and had started to rot. So we now have all new cabling and the phone line and Internet are back to normal. Also got my clothes out read y for the show and polished my boots, so their gleaming.
Mark turned up very early this morning to cut our hay, I only noticed it had been done when I went in the Barn for some hay. He's been back this afternoon to turn it. He will turn it again for a couple of days & hopefully Friday he'll bale it. Looks like we've got a long weekend ahead, cause its bloody hard work bringing in the Hay.
I spent most of this morning bathing Cravat and grooming him, he's looking very handsome and his coat is shining. Its been blazing hot here today so he dried out pretty quickly. I've plaited up his tail and rolled it up in a sock to keep it clean till tomorrow. That's if it stays on overnight.
I think the Boot Sale Queen & the kids are coming to cheer us on tomorrow.
Rachael & Scarlet popped over this afternoon to meet the new ponies and have a natter. She said she might also make the show.
Well I'm off to get some bits & pieces ready now. Keep your fingers crossed for us tomorrow....

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