Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Welcome To Birchwood Cravat

Harry & Tom had a bit of a lay in this morning as they were both up till late on the Playstation. Tom had to be home at 10.30 this morning. Mick took him back while I was sorting some stuff out indoors.

Went over to Karen's about 11.30am to pick up Cravat, what a lovely Pony, walked straight into the Trailer no problem. He's a chunky little chap. He has a very unusual colour Silver Dun & is very handsome underneath all that Mane. Harry had a good look round Karen & Lisa's Stables at all the other Horses.
Brought Cravat back home and he walked out of the trailer, straight into the stable, he's certainly making himself at home already. If its nice tomorrow will put him out for a couple of hours.
Karen & Lisa had to pop into Newcastle Emlyn to get a Leather Head Collar fixed and I asked them to come up for a cuppa and they would be able to see how Cravat had settled in. Which they did and we had a good chat and a laugh this afternoon.
Received the Mane Hairs from Bev today from Warriors mum Artsplace Evelyn. Have put them in his folder ready for DNA testing.
I also rang the people that have Neo's dad, Goytre Edward to see if they had posted his hairs to me yet or had they forgot. They said they had pulled the hairs and would be sending them shortly.
Haven't heard from Ben today so might give him a ring later to see what he's been up to today. No good sending him a text cause I''ll only get a short reply.
Sold some more stuff on Ebay today, so it will be back down the post office again tomorrow.

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