Saturday, 21 July 2007

More Miniatures

Done really well selling my miniatures on Ebay. So have listed some more to see how these ones go. Was really surprised how popular my Pie,Mash & Liquor was. I've had emails asking for more.

Was up at six this morning to see Ben off, Micks taking him and his friend to Bristol Airport, to fly to Inverness in Bonny Scotland where they are staying with a friend. Double checked he had his passport etc.Mick's taken my car cause its cheaper on the fuel then the 4x4, only thing is I've got to use it today and its like a bloody tank to drive. I thought I'd do some more listings on Ebay while it was quite. Harry's still tucked up in bed, but has got a party today from 11am - 1pm, hardly seems all the trouble for 2 hours.

Weather is awful been raining all evening and this morning. It seems to be clearing up a bit now.
Anyway I'm off to have a shower and will update later.

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