Monday, 23 July 2007

Delivery Day...

I was up at 6am this morning just couldn't get comfortable, my back is still really sore. Got my self washed, dressed went downstairs, let the dogs out and then made a cuppa. Drunk my tea and then went down the stables to let the ponies out and muck out, back indoors by 7.20am.
Delivery men were supposed to be ringing between 7-8am, but didn't.
Mick got up about 9.30. Seemed really weird not having the boys here today.
Rang Tasha (The Boot Sale Queen), she's not feeling very well today(I bet it's an allergic reaction to the Camper Van), only joking Geoff! Hope your feeling better Tasha x.
Had a call from Debbie at the Saddle shop to say the showing Bridle for Cravat was ready. Mick stayed indoors awaiting delivery of the coffee table while I popped into town to post some parcels and pick up the bridle which is really lovely. Debbie wished me good luck for Cardigan sh
Came home then got a call from the couriers saying they would be with us within a hour. Which they were. Opened the packaging while they were still here and noticed that the joints on the table top had opened up. The Courier took photo's of the damage, but as the packaging wasn't damaged think it had been wrapped like it. Sent an email straight to the company and they agreed to pay us compensation to have the joint repaired which we agreed to, cause I'd never be able to afford to buy another one the same in the retail shops, the same table in Laura Ashley is £699.
Then I rang Karen to ask roughly what time they would be over as Harry was still over Tom's and we needed to pop out to get some shopping. Said it would be around 5ish.
Rang Nicky to ask her if Tom wanted to come back with Harry and stay the night, she said that was OK and she would bring Harry and Tom back.
Popped to the local shop to pick up some bits and then straight home.
Got another phone call from Karen saying that due to the bad weather that's on its way again, they didn't think it was wise to bring the Stallions over if they were being turned out in the field as they've both been in Stables for a year, and they could become ill outside. So we have decided to go and get Cravat tomorrow and stable him, but leave Kai over there until the weather improves, as its better for him. That way I can spend some time getting to know Cravat and walking him before the show.
Managed to sort out another load of paper work today and the place looks half tidy again.
Tom's Dad brought Harry & Tom over and they are on the Play Station, will send them both to bed shortly.
Sent Ben a text this evening asking if he was OK. Got a very short text back saying OK been Inverness speak later. Typical Male.

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