Friday, 3 August 2012

Garden Project Part 3

I thought you might like to see, how my little Cabin Garden Project is coming along.
All the plants have filled out beautifully and I even have two Sunflowers, romping away in there as well. Must be all the Rain we've had and all the home made compost. Well rotted Pony Poo. I was thrilled to see a big bud on the Hardy Poppy and then it opened to reveal, a beautiful pure White Poppy, with purple markings. It actually looks like, someone has used a paintbrush and a water colour, on the inside.  I noticed yesterday, that there is also a bud forming on the other Poppy, that one is supposed to be a pale pink. I'll take some pictures of it, when it appears.
If you click on the pictures, they should pop up bigger.

I do have some plants on the bed in pots, just to fill in the gaps, to try and stop the Cats, doing what Cat's do. It seems to be working, so far.
The Penstemon's, have also started to bloom and the dark pink blooms are opening to reveal a white inner centre, they look lovely peeking through the fence.
I'm also trying to get the little side garden by the House, under control and there is also the flower bed opposite the Cabin, that is calling my name. So much to do, so little time. I've also been given another Dolls House !!!!!...But more about that in another post.
We are having lots of visitors this year as well, my best friend of 45 years, who has been my friend, since we were three years old (I'm 48) and is also Ben's Godmother, has already been up for a few days. Mick's Parents have also been to stay and in August, we have another 2 lots of friends coming separately and also coming in September. So a busy couple of months for us, but can't wait to catch up with all them all and all the news.

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