Friday, 30 November 2007


Had a phone call from the agents we brought this house through last night. It was lovely to catch up with Les. They have some fantastic properties on their books, I'm always being noisy. They do the best descriptions with loads of pictures, which was especially helpful to us, when we were looking for properties. Their website is , be ready to drawl if you have a look. Les said that he's driven past a few times and couldn't believe the difference in the house, since we sandblasted all the paint off the outside of the house and how it looks now, with all the beautiful slate showing. Told him that once the house is finished they must come round for look and have tea & lots of chocolate cake!!! Plus they can tell me how much they think the house is worth now after all the work we've done..

Today, we are awaiting delivery of a new worktop, they have not long rung to say they will be with us within the hour. Which is great as we my be able to get the Utility finished this weekend. Oh the joy of being able to put stuff away in cupboards, instead of everything laying around in cardboard boxes. I'm just hoping its all straight by Christmas, but if it isn't we will manage... I'll post some more pictures once the worktop and sink are in....

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Ebay Listings ....

Been doing some listings on Ebay today as it was cheap listings day. I've put a couple of pictures on here of the listings... Having trouble loading them, blogger having an off day!

Harry's got Scouts tonight and by the sound of it Ben's got loads of homework to do again.

Mark one of the local farmers is coming over tonight with a whole Lamb for the freezer. I've got to say the Lamb here is beautiful really tender. Gosh! That made my mouth water just thinking about it... I went to the local Butcher's in town yesterday and ordered my Turkey Crown and Gammon joint for Christmas.. Pick that up on Christmas Eve I'm having the crown boned and rolled so it will just be pure meat, which is so easy to carve.

I've nearly done all my Christmas shopping now and the goodie cupboard is full, so the kids will be pigging out Christmas on Sweeties. My boys rarely have sweets, as they eat loads of fruit, so Harry will be hyper with all that Sugar....Must make sure I have plenty of milk, cause it seems to calm him down..
I'm just watching the sunset out of Ben's window and its beautiful all pinks and purples....

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Miniature Books.....

As promised I've taken some pictures of TreeFeathers miniature books for you all to have a peek at.. Aren't they cute. These ones are all witch/wizard orientated, but Grace has hundreds of different themes on her website.. Really worth having a look. The links to Graces Ebay & Web site are in my sidebar.... Its a shame that my camera hasn't picked up the minute detail on some of the books. Graces pictures on her site are much clearer.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Tree Feathers Miniature Books

This afternoon I've added a new link to Tree Feathers Miniature Books website & the ebay link, please see my sites & Blogs I stalk. I'd emailed Grace the miniature artisan to ask if I could add a link to my blog. I brought some wonderful miniature books from Grace. Although they are blank inside the detail on the covers is beautiful... Will take some pictures and add then later as my batteries have run out again... All little books of Magic for Diagon Alley....

Monday, 26 November 2007

Weekend & Monday

Well not a lot to report for the weekend... Harry was supposed to be going out with the Scouts on Saturday, but decided late Friday that he didn't want to go. Ben spent nearly all weekend doing his course work and homework for school, and chatting to Katie on the phone, he has his mocks in December.

Tumble dryer engineer is coming today to fit a new drum and some other bits. Managed to get all the washing up to date, as everything is now disconnected and all the new pipework is going in the Utility.. And a few more units are together. Its quite difficult to work in here, as the dogs and the cats have all taken up residence in here, while we are trying to work.... They just don't want to be left out.

Postie came this morning with some more miniature books that I've been waiting on. I have asked if I can post a link from my blog to there site, just waiting for an answer. I'll take some pictures later and post them.

The Kitten escaped upstairs this morning and eventually found it under our wardrobe, spent about 1/2 hour trying to coax the little bugger out. Its so naughty, but so cute at the same time. Its still having its mad 1/2 hours, running round with its back arched, just like a witchy cat..

Watched one of my favorite films yesterday Saving Grace, it makes me laugh, especially the two women in the shop, "would you like a choccy icy", you've got to see the film to appreciate the humour. Harry has me in fits when he does his impression of them.

Added a picture of O'Malley one of our 7, he's like a big baby, always crying at you for a cuddle. He goes off up the fields to see the horses and sits watching them for ages. As you can see he's quite at home in an empty fruit box. I have put a blanket in there for him to lay on. Once the house is complete, will be able to put out their new beds, no point at the moment, cause they will get filthy. Anyway, got to get of the computer now as Ben will be home soon and will want it for his homework.....

Friday, 23 November 2007

New Miniatures....

Well I finally managed to finish some new miniatures that I've been working on. I've completed a board of peas being shucked into a Warwick miniature colander, a board of tomatoes on the vine being sliced with garlic, a board of tomatoes being sliced and a couple of plates of Sausages, Mash, onion rings, tomato and thick, rich gravy... I'm really pleased with the sausage and mash, but getting the right mix for the gravy, was a bit trail and error, but eventually it turned out really well and has dried glossy and kept its thick consistency. The tomatoes on the vine are a complete pain to make and you have to move the wire's gently or else they snap off the vine.... Will be listing them on Ebay either today or tomorrow depending on time...

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Christmas Shopping

Sorry no post yesterday.. Went to Swansea to get some Christmas shopping, managed to get The Boot Sale Queens boys their presents, got the two little ones a little Scooby Doo hoodie each and the older two a nice T-Shirt, also got them some bubble bath stuff and chocolates, so that's another 4 of my list. I've already got Tash & Geoff's, but not saying what it is cause, they both read my blog. Hi Creature..I've only got a couple more presents to get and then I'm done. Popped in to see Tash on the way home, showed her what I'd got the boys. Got home mucked out the ponies and then frantically wrapped some parcels and took them to the post office. Everything I had on Ebay sold...

Today, its catch up with washing and a general tidy up, plus get some unibond on the other walls in the Utility room so its ready for painting. Hopefully units will be in by the weekend and another worktop is being delivered on Monday.. We hadn't ordered enough. Got to pop out today to get some piping and a bag of ready mix cement for a hole in the floor. Also need to get some more bits on Ebay, so best get my finger out...
I've put a couple of pictures on here of Merlin so you can see what a handsome chap he is, when he keeps still long enough to have his picture taken...

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Catch Up With Mini Friends.

I started writing out my Christmas Cards last night, think I managed to get about sixty written.
While I was going through the address box I thought I'd give a couple of my friends Mary and Cilla a ring. I met them both at Miniaturia some years ago, they had gone there with a group of friends from their Dolls House Club, we sat at the same table while having a cuppa and got chatting and I've kept in touch with them ever since. They are both really lovely ladies. Hi Girls if your reading this....
Been wrapping up miniatures this morning ready to be posted this afternoon, every bit I listed on Ebay has sold, I've got more finishing today and they've all got bids.

I've got some new bits to list that I've been working on so watch this blog... I've only got a couple of Vegetable boards left, from the batch I made before and none of the fruit salad boards. (see previous posts) Really need to get my finger out and get making. Just don't seem to have enough time in the day at the moment...

Our friends Helen & Ray sent some pictures to us via email the other day, of Ray's son Perry at his passing out parade, doesn't he look smart. Congratulations Perry, you should be extremely proud of yourself, well done on all your hard work and keep safe.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Wii Can't Get One...

Went out shopping this morning to try and get some bits for Christmas. Ben wants an ipod classic and his flight to Katie's and Harry wants a Nintendo wii. Well its doesn't look like Harry's going to get one, everywhere is sold out and are not expecting deliveries for up to 3 weeks. Those shops that have had them in, sold out immediately and no shop's are taking reservations. Did leave our telephone number at Woolworths, but there was 6 A4 pages of people in front of us... So we've got as much chance of getting one, as a chocolate teapot, holding boiling water.
Why is it every year, the most popular toy, games console etc is never in stock? We've been there and done it all before with Toy Story and Furbies!!! Really pees me off. I'm sure its all a gimmick, I bet after Christmas the shops will be flooded with them. But try explaining that to a kid on Christmas morning... Especially as they expect Santa to bring them what they really want. I'd already told Harry that if we couldn't get one, we'd give him the money and he could go out after Christmas and get one.
Did however get my Christmas cards, hoping I've got enough as I usually write over 100 and picked up some goodies. We have a cupboard that I've started to fill up, everytime I go shopping I get a few extra's and it goes in the Christmas cupboard, things like pickles, tins of sweeties, nice biscuits etc and today made sure I picked up some Coco Pops for Katie, they've gone in the cupboard as well...
Just checked my Ebay and everything is selling which is brilliant.....

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Sunday Morning

The top units in the Utility Room are up on the wall. I unloaded a couple of the old units in the kitchen last night and stuck all the glass in the dishwasher and have now put them all in the new cupboards. Need to get every bit of washing up to date today, as we are going to start on the rest of the utility room, which means washing machine & dishwasher have got to be disconnected again... Its all starting to take shape now and hopefully it will be completed by Christmas.

Tried taking some pictures of Merlin this morning. When he wants his belly tickled, he literally throws himself on the floor turns over and smiles... But to get a picture is nearly impossible as he wriggles about so much... All you get is a great big black blur, well you can see what I mean by the pictures. But for all his weight and size he is so gentle, especially around little children, he'll sit there and be stroked and cuddled without making a fuss and he loves the ponies...

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Miniature Spell Books...

This morning Postie arrived with a Parcel for me from America, but customs had got hold of it and I had to pay £19.97 customs duty to get it! Not the best why to start the day. Anyway I'd ordered 14 Miniature Spell Books from mainly.minis! on ebay! they are really great. I got A History Of Magic, Standard Book Of Spells, The Dark Forces, Curses, Dragon Breeding & Care, Magical Beasts, O.W.L.S A Study Guide, Astrology, Charms, The Dark Arts, Magical Trees, Bewitchments, N.E.W.T.S and last but not least Magical Potions.
Their going to look great in Diagon Alley, when I eventually get round to refilling it. I'm also waiting for some more books from Treefeathers, which are also spell books. Needs lots to fill up Flourish & Blotts and I want to put a bookcase upstairs in the apothecary, where the Wizard mixes his spells. I've already brought Year 1,2 & 3 Student books for Hogwarts, there were 10 in a set also from America from, they have the most beautifully tooled fronts and spines, but are blank inside.
Utility room now has a run of top cupboards and hopefully the doors will be going on this afternoon, so I'll take some pictures later and post them.

Friday, 16 November 2007

Witch Pictures

Micks Mum Kath, dressed up as a Witch for the last night party at their Chalet and Big Mick has just emailed them to me. Thought I'd post them so everyone could see them.

Freezing Friday....

Boy was it cold this morning when we got up, we had a really hard frost in the night. It was like the Artic, according to the weather report, it dropped to minus 5 in the night...
Ben & Harry have charity day for Children In Need at school today, they pay a pound each to wear their own clothes and have lots of sponsored bits going on in school. One of the teachers is having his legs waxed, and apparently he is very hairy. Harry is being sponsored to be tied to his friend all day!
All the Ponies seem fine they have all taken on the appearance of teddy bears with their thick winter coats. I'm going to get Neo & Warrior assessed in the spring to become Stallions and I'll be selling Yum Yum as I have too many colts at the moment. Hopefully we will have 4 new babies late April, early May, hopefully I won't be as stressed this time round, waiting for them to arrive.
Booked Ben's flights last night for him to go and see Katie in February, he wanted to be there for Valentines day. Its such a shame that they are so far apart. But they do talk on the phone every night for hours.
Roofers are back today to finish off, so will take some pictures once the scaffolding comes down. It already looks so different, just finishes the House of nicely, so much better then the green corrugated roofing sheets.
The Utility room is coming on in leaps and bounds, ceiling has come up lovely and there is some paint on the walls (whether I made the right choice of cream with the dogs is another matter!) and the first lot of base units are in. We were going to have a Larder Cupboard in the corner to fit over the boiler, but it meant chopping loads of the cupboard, as the ceiling slopes, so have now decided to leave it uncovered, but box in the pipes top and bottom. The Utility room was once the main Kitchen for the house, but now everyone comes in through the Utility Room, as our drive is on this side. Once all the units are in I can move everything out of the old units, that are still left in the Kitchen and get that finished. I've got a mountain of stuff down the barn to sort through, I know I have a new set of saucepans etc down there somewhere. But where they are is anybodies guess.
Checked on my Ebay listings this morning and I already have a few bids, which is great..

Thursday, 15 November 2007

More Listings...

Tumble Dryer Engineer came last night and fitted a new washer to the tray and has ordered me a new drum, which he will be back to fit next week sometime. I can still use it, just have to put up with the noise!

Roofers will hopefully be finished tomorrow, have charged me another £100.00 for the extra work, which wasn't bad, I had vision's of it being a lot more.

Harry's teacher never rang me! But Ben told me that the deputy head had spoken to the teacher concerned and he blamed Harry for wanting to play! They did offer him a spare top, but there wasn't any shorts or trainers. Have you ever heard the like? Well it won't happen again, I've told Harry that if he forgets his kit in future he is not to go onto the pitch, and if they've got a problem they can ring me.

Its been a lovely day here today, spent some time out with the Ponies, they all seem to be getting on well. So keep your fingers crossed that it continues. Rang my friend Karen today who I got most of my other ponies from for a chat and catch up.

Units are starting to go into the utility room which is great and I've just listed some more bits on Ebay.

Booking Ben's flight to Katies when he gets in from school. He wants to go up in February. Told him I will pay for it as part of his Christmas present. Young Love, Oh Bless.........

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Ebay Listings

Well managed to get a few bits listed on Ebay today before the batteries on my camera run out.!
Still haven't heard from the teacher at Harry's school!
Just waiting for the engineer to come and have a look at my tumble dryer, its making one hell of a noise....


Yesterday we started painting the Utility room ceiling. Think its going to need a few coats.. Today starting to paint the walls, going to use the same colour as the main kitchen, which is a rich cream. Once the walls are dried we can start putting the units in place.
Also let the four new ponies out with our other girls yesterday, they'd already been sniffing each other through the fence, so decided to brave it. They all ran around like loon's for about five minutes then settled down and are now all in the top field, munching away merrily together.
I wasn't a happy bunny last night when the kids got in from school. Harry forgot to take his games kit to school yesterday, it was a genuine mistake, he'd got mixed up with Rugby practice which had been cancelled. So what did his teacher do, instead of making Harry sit out, he made him play games in his full school uniform, on the rugby pitch. You should have seen the state of him when he got in. He was caked in mud from Head to Toe.. I got straight on the phone to the school and spoke to the deputy head, he knew by the tone of my voice that I wasn't happy. Told him in no uncertain terms, that he best sort it out and that Harry would be in school today wearing jeans and trainers, as there was no way I could have got his uniform washed and dried last night. His leather shoe shoes were soaked. Told him Harry was quite distressed by the whole thing. He promised to speak to the teacher concerned and ring me today with the outcome, he also wanted Harry to go straight to his office this morning. I told Ben to go with him and if there was any problems to ring me and I'd be straight up there. Its a good job that I didn't get them from school last night, cause I wouldn't have been able to contain my temper. I did debate about going up there this morning as I was in such a temper last night. I'm still awaiting the phone call, so I'll update later with the outcome.
Popped to Cardigan Tesco last night and picked up the new Harry Potter DVD, which we watched last night. Really enjoyed it, but once you've read the books, you know how much is missing from the films.
Have been taking lots of pictures this morning for my Miniature listings on Ebay, so now need to upload the pictures and get some bits listed....

Monday, 12 November 2007

Parent's Evening

We went to Ben's parents evening tonight and all of his teachers are really pleased with his performance this year and are hoping that he does well in his mock exams in December. Most of the tests he has taken this year he's passed with extremely good grades.
Keep up the good work Ben we are really proud of you. xxxx

New Roof Pictures

Pony Pictures

Well these are some pictures of the new ponies....

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