Saturday, 3 November 2007


Well Mick and I are off out tonight, we've been invited to a Party... We rarely go out together and I'm really looking forward to it. Ben was going to look after Harry for us. But Harry's friend Paul has now invited him over to his house for the day and he's staying the night. Which to be honest I'm glad about. Harry's already been taken over to Paul's.
Ben's finally sorted out his dirty washing so I'll get that all done today, and need to run the hoover round. Also need to sort something out to wear tonight, since moving here I live in jeans and boots. All my good clothes are hanging up on a rail, in storage bags in our bedroom. Wonder if any of them still fit?
Ben checked my Ebay this morning and told me most of my items have bids on them, which is brilliant.

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Hazel said...

Hi Debs!!
Have a great time tonight!!!...think glitz and glamour and throw those wellies in a ditch for once!!!
Mini Waves
Hazel :)

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