Sunday, 4 November 2007

Morning After The Night Before....

We had a really great time at Malcolm's party last night, it was supposed to be a surprise party for his 65Th Birthday, but Rose had to tell him yesterday morning cause he wouldn't get out of the house... The company and food were fantastic, you can always rely on Rose to do a lovely spread. They borrowed our Karaoke machine and disc's and we managed to get loads of people up for a sing song, mostly after a few glasses of dutch courage. It was such a scream, but I can honestly say everyone had a brilliant time, loads of people from our village went. I was still singing with Rachael at 1am, just didn't realise the time, well you don't do you when your enjoying yourself. It was only when Mick pointed at his watch, that I realized what the time was. We eventually left there at 1.15am this morning... Ben was waiting up for us, which was quite surreal, its normally the parents waiting for the kids to come home. But aye oh we don't go out that often and it made a nice change.
Anyway have already decided that when the house is finished, that we will have a party here, we had a party when we first moved in, before we started work on the house and most of the village came. The neighbours will be able to see what we've done since they were here before, cause I know their all dying to have a nose round inside the house...

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Hazel said...

Good Evening Deb...Or should I call you the Karaoke Queen!!...What was that?..stop shouting?..You're head is still pounding!!!!!
Sounds like you both had a fab does you good to let your hair down now and again!!


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