Thursday, 15 November 2007

More Listings...

Tumble Dryer Engineer came last night and fitted a new washer to the tray and has ordered me a new drum, which he will be back to fit next week sometime. I can still use it, just have to put up with the noise!

Roofers will hopefully be finished tomorrow, have charged me another £100.00 for the extra work, which wasn't bad, I had vision's of it being a lot more.

Harry's teacher never rang me! But Ben told me that the deputy head had spoken to the teacher concerned and he blamed Harry for wanting to play! They did offer him a spare top, but there wasn't any shorts or trainers. Have you ever heard the like? Well it won't happen again, I've told Harry that if he forgets his kit in future he is not to go onto the pitch, and if they've got a problem they can ring me.

Its been a lovely day here today, spent some time out with the Ponies, they all seem to be getting on well. So keep your fingers crossed that it continues. Rang my friend Karen today who I got most of my other ponies from for a chat and catch up.

Units are starting to go into the utility room which is great and I've just listed some more bits on Ebay.

Booking Ben's flight to Katies when he gets in from school. He wants to go up in February. Told him I will pay for it as part of his Christmas present. Young Love, Oh Bless.........

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