Thursday, 8 November 2007

Thursday Morning....

Yesterday the roofers came but couldn't do anything as the new cement hadn't gone off enough. Popped into Town to post loads of parcels, so hopefully my customers should start receiving their miniatures today. Need to sort out some more to list...
Well the roofers are back today, and there's loads of crashing and banging going on, so hopefully we will see some progress today. Unfortunately for us, when they ripped the old roof off, most of the timbers that support the Veranda were rotten. Which has meant they've all had to be ripped out and replaced. I can see the cost escalating before my eyes. Plus loads of my beautiful pointing had to come out as well. Nothing has been straight forward with this house. Still at least I know that we haven't botched anything, everything has been done properly. We've done so much, every wall inside was taken back to the slate, re-rendered and plastered, new electrics, plumbing, new central heating system, new joists in the ceilings, new bathrooms, all new insulation, you name it we've done it. Boy has our budget gone through the roof, literally.... When the house is completely finished I'm going to get the estate agents to re-value it and hopefully we have increased its value substantially. We won't have a pot to pee in, but its ours, lock stock and barrel with no mortgage... Nice little nest egg for our boys.
I've had over 2000 hits now on this blog, so Hello to everyone who's reading this.... Bye for now..

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