Wednesday, 14 November 2007


Yesterday we started painting the Utility room ceiling. Think its going to need a few coats.. Today starting to paint the walls, going to use the same colour as the main kitchen, which is a rich cream. Once the walls are dried we can start putting the units in place.
Also let the four new ponies out with our other girls yesterday, they'd already been sniffing each other through the fence, so decided to brave it. They all ran around like loon's for about five minutes then settled down and are now all in the top field, munching away merrily together.
I wasn't a happy bunny last night when the kids got in from school. Harry forgot to take his games kit to school yesterday, it was a genuine mistake, he'd got mixed up with Rugby practice which had been cancelled. So what did his teacher do, instead of making Harry sit out, he made him play games in his full school uniform, on the rugby pitch. You should have seen the state of him when he got in. He was caked in mud from Head to Toe.. I got straight on the phone to the school and spoke to the deputy head, he knew by the tone of my voice that I wasn't happy. Told him in no uncertain terms, that he best sort it out and that Harry would be in school today wearing jeans and trainers, as there was no way I could have got his uniform washed and dried last night. His leather shoe shoes were soaked. Told him Harry was quite distressed by the whole thing. He promised to speak to the teacher concerned and ring me today with the outcome, he also wanted Harry to go straight to his office this morning. I told Ben to go with him and if there was any problems to ring me and I'd be straight up there. Its a good job that I didn't get them from school last night, cause I wouldn't have been able to contain my temper. I did debate about going up there this morning as I was in such a temper last night. I'm still awaiting the phone call, so I'll update later with the outcome.
Popped to Cardigan Tesco last night and picked up the new Harry Potter DVD, which we watched last night. Really enjoyed it, but once you've read the books, you know how much is missing from the films.
Have been taking lots of pictures this morning for my Miniature listings on Ebay, so now need to upload the pictures and get some bits listed....

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