Sunday, 18 November 2007

Sunday Morning

The top units in the Utility Room are up on the wall. I unloaded a couple of the old units in the kitchen last night and stuck all the glass in the dishwasher and have now put them all in the new cupboards. Need to get every bit of washing up to date today, as we are going to start on the rest of the utility room, which means washing machine & dishwasher have got to be disconnected again... Its all starting to take shape now and hopefully it will be completed by Christmas.

Tried taking some pictures of Merlin this morning. When he wants his belly tickled, he literally throws himself on the floor turns over and smiles... But to get a picture is nearly impossible as he wriggles about so much... All you get is a great big black blur, well you can see what I mean by the pictures. But for all his weight and size he is so gentle, especially around little children, he'll sit there and be stroked and cuddled without making a fuss and he loves the ponies...

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