Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Easter Break

Well I hope everyone had a lovely Easter..
My dear friend Tanya and her children Ayden & Kiera came up on Thursday.. I love having them here and Tan & I have such a giggle, normally at Mick's expense.. He loves us really.. I really miss them, well to be honest I miss all my friends, but not enough to persuade me to return to England. Tan invited me down for a visit, to catch up with everyone, hope to get down there at some point this year. Kiera had a bit of an accident while she was here and you can see by the picture, she grazed her face and the following morning had a lovely shiner.. Tanya didn't want me to post any pictures of her on my blog, but told her that I would, so she pulled silly faces every time I got the camera out.. This was the only half decent one of her. They left on Sunday as her kids were due back at school on Tuesday, whereas my boys are no off for 2 weeks.
Sunday, Katie Ben's girlfriend arrived and she is staying for two weeks.. Ben & Katie have gone into town today, for a walk about and to visit the Candy Box which is an old fashioned Sweetie Shop in Newcastle Emlyn.
We've ordered some more fencing posts, that will hopefully be here tomorrow, so that we can the little paddock secure and fence off the slope behind the workshop and the railway carriage. I don't want any of the ponies going over the side.. Talking of ponies, not long now till the new arrivals will be with us.. Very busy time ahead..

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Ground Work Finished......

Well the ground work is finally finished.. It looks one hundred and ten percent better.. We will now be able to get the static caravan moved.. Yippee.. And I'll finally be able to see out of the lounge window.
The stable yard looks massive now that all the crap has gone and we have so much extra room. Eventually want to put up another row of stables... I'm so pleased with it.. We now have a proper slope down into the little paddock, which will stop the lawnmower getting stuck in all the mud.. All that's left to do is to put up some fencing, to stop the ponies going over the edge and a new gate.. I'm then going seed the bank with grass seed and native meadow flowers, I can imagine it next year in full bloom..

Monday, 17 March 2008

More Digging

Took these piccies today....

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Harry On His Quad...

I took this video in January.. Just Harry riding his quad bike....

Friday, 14 March 2008

Art, Dirt & Prizes

Wednesday and Thursday this week, Ben had his Art exam 5 hours each day.. The brief was Barriers. He decided to construct a glass barrier representing an American prisoner at visiting time, on each side of the glass he made a hand print, he also cast his arm and one of the girls arms in the class.. These have been positioned as if their hands are touching through the glass, he then painted the arms and the bottom of each side with tattoo designs. One being a swallow which represents freedom... It also shows that the body is used as a canvas.. These pictures were taken after the 1st 5 hour session.. He's taken some more pictures of it finished which I get him to blue tooth me..
Ben also came home with a letter asking ask to go to Prize giving next week, as he has been awarded the Form prize for Attainment & Effort...
Ben also has an appointment at Guy's Hospital London today, so just waiting to find out how he got on.
JCB man is here today, nothing got done yesterday as the JCB broke down and he had to wait till today for the parts to be delivered. He's managed to get the other digger round, so more dirt is being shifted today..

Thursday, 13 March 2008

More Pictures ...

Its definitely getting there, I can put up with the mud and mess ,because at the end of all this, we will have a bigger yard, the van will be moved and the place will look so much tidier...Plus I'll now be able to get to the back of the workshop and the railway carriage to give them both a good coat of paint...

Ground Work..

This is the before & during pictures of the ground leveling. The static caravan is being moved to this position.. The top picture is of the stable yard after it had been cleared.. Hopefully today this ground will be levelled..

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

More Pictures....

This is some more pictures taken at 12.45 this afternoon.. What a difference......

More Pictures....

Well as you can see good progress is being made, this is only 2 hours work.....

Digging In Progress....

The Digging Has Started

Well only the cat ended up going to the vets yesterday, they'd over booked. Storm is going next week.. Picked the cat up at 3.30pm, bless him he wasn't impressed..Was looking really sorry for himself.
The weather has been terrible here, the wind nearly blew me off my feet.. The worst was last night, it was howling around the house, so glad that I was indoors. A few tree's on the way to Emlyn have lost some branches, but the police were there sorting that out this morning.
The JCB man has arrived this morning which is great, he's already hard at work, so hopefully by next week , we will have a nice clear stable yard and a proper embankment behind the railway carriage and workshop.
If you look at the photo, you can just make out the red railway carriage on the right behind the tree, the bank in front of that, is where we are having the work done. There are loads of tree stumps there, were we took down about 8, 60ft plus leylandii... I'll try and get some better pics today...

Monday, 10 March 2008

Stormy Weather

Well we are certainly having some bad weather in Wales at the moment. The gale force winds started last night.. According to the news, some homes in Pembrokeshire have lost their roof's and quite a lot of Wales has no electricity. We've been extremely lucky so far, but there is more on the way. JCB man not here today because of the weather.. Rain, Rain go away.
Have booked the cat in the vets for tomorrow to have its bits done and also Storm to be spayed. Don't want any accidents with her and Merlin as he is still an entire male.
Got to go out today, Ben needs some bits for his art exam on Wednesday & Thursday, this week. He's also got an appointment at Guy's hospital in London on Friday, so will be going back Thursday evening and staying at Tanya's, go to appointment and then back home again.

Sunday, 9 March 2008


Well the JCB man turned up yesterday, to deliver the digger ready for the work to start next week. Can't believe its actually here.. Hopefully it will all be completed by the end of next week. Then we can arrange for the static caravan to be moved and I'll be able to see out of my lounge window..
Also had a delivery of blocks on Friday, ready for when the trench is dug outside the kitchen, to keep the earth back.. Loads going on here at the moment.. Foals are due at the beginning of next month so it will be all hands to the pump.. Just hoping it all goes well..
Will take some pictures today of before digger starts...

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


Yeah! The shelves were delivered this morning first thing and they are now up in the alcove in the lounge and I've already put my little pots on them that Tasha got me... Thanks Tash. The shelves are straight and level its the alcove that's on the wonk.
Spoke to the JCB man last night, he is coming on either Monday or Tuesday next week. Well I'll believe it when it happens...

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Catch Up Again....

Went to the dentist yesterday for a check up, all ok.. Then went shopping, called into Wilkinson's and they had a sale on. We've been looking for a oak TV unit to match the rest of our furniture in the lounge. Well they had just what we wanted, so I brought it and an oak side table.... Couldn't resist at those bargain prices. Also went to pick up some floating oak shelves that I'd ordered, but they'd made a cock up and they were not there, so they will now be delivered free of charge on Wednesday. They can then go up in the alcove and I can put my books on there..
Hoping to get the new flooring this month, to level the floor, then we can get the lounge finally sorted. Because it was originally two rooms the tiled end is slightly lower the wood end, so we are getting a wood floor laid over the tiles to bring up the level. I do like the tiles, so easy to clean, but it looks so odd... Want the room to flow and it doesn't at the moment.
The JCB man hasn't turned up so still waiting for the ground work to be done at this rate, it will be next year. I really hate relying on people, if you say your going to be there, then be there.
Mick's got to go back to the hospital for another MRI as he should have had an injection before so that it highlights parts of the body and they didn't give it to him..
I also brought a new computer tower yesterday,as my lap top still ain't fixed and Ben was really getting the hump with me using his. Still trying to work out what it can do, but have realised that I can't import my bookmarks, have no idea why could be that the new computer is Vista and the other one was windows. Looks like I'll have to sit down the good old fashioned way, with a pen & paper and write them all down then retype them in...
Been having a right old laugh on MSN the last few nights with my friends Donna and her sister Sue. Hello girls, love you lots and I'll have a "B" please Bob.. Sorry you had to be on the joke to get that... Hello Martyn if your reading this...
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