Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Easter Break

Well I hope everyone had a lovely Easter..
My dear friend Tanya and her children Ayden & Kiera came up on Thursday.. I love having them here and Tan & I have such a giggle, normally at Mick's expense.. He loves us really.. I really miss them, well to be honest I miss all my friends, but not enough to persuade me to return to England. Tan invited me down for a visit, to catch up with everyone, hope to get down there at some point this year. Kiera had a bit of an accident while she was here and you can see by the picture, she grazed her face and the following morning had a lovely shiner.. Tanya didn't want me to post any pictures of her on my blog, but told her that I would, so she pulled silly faces every time I got the camera out.. This was the only half decent one of her. They left on Sunday as her kids were due back at school on Tuesday, whereas my boys are no off for 2 weeks.
Sunday, Katie Ben's girlfriend arrived and she is staying for two weeks.. Ben & Katie have gone into town today, for a walk about and to visit the Candy Box which is an old fashioned Sweetie Shop in Newcastle Emlyn.
We've ordered some more fencing posts, that will hopefully be here tomorrow, so that we can the little paddock secure and fence off the slope behind the workshop and the railway carriage. I don't want any of the ponies going over the side.. Talking of ponies, not long now till the new arrivals will be with us.. Very busy time ahead..

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