Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The Digging Has Started

Well only the cat ended up going to the vets yesterday, they'd over booked. Storm is going next week.. Picked the cat up at 3.30pm, bless him he wasn't impressed..Was looking really sorry for himself.
The weather has been terrible here, the wind nearly blew me off my feet.. The worst was last night, it was howling around the house, so glad that I was indoors. A few tree's on the way to Emlyn have lost some branches, but the police were there sorting that out this morning.
The JCB man has arrived this morning which is great, he's already hard at work, so hopefully by next week , we will have a nice clear stable yard and a proper embankment behind the railway carriage and workshop.
If you look at the photo, you can just make out the red railway carriage on the right behind the tree, the bank in front of that, is where we are having the work done. There are loads of tree stumps there, were we took down about 8, 60ft plus leylandii... I'll try and get some better pics today...

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