Monday, 26 March 2012

Wonderful Witch & Baby Dragon

Way back in 2010, I purchased the Toll House and decided that it was going to be turned into a home of a little Witch, who was a bit singed around the edges and looked after baby Dragons. I blogged about it in the November of 2010. Yes, I know, another outstanding project.
I contacted Joy Cox, of Adora Bella Minis, and explained how I'd like her to look and could she have an apron with a pocket, for a little Dragon to go in. Joy has a blog and a website.
Joy exceeded her brief, and I think you'll agree, she is the perfect little Witch, to look after Orphaned Dragons.
Next, I needed the perfect little Dragon, to go in that pocket and while looking at Lisa Oliver's, little Needle Felted creations, in her an Etsy shop called Tiny Cuddles. I came across this teeny tiny Dragon.
The little Dragon is so tiny and very detailed and she fits in the Witches Pocket.
I think you'd agree they are a perfect match.
I've got lots more to show you shortly...

Friday, 23 March 2012

Its Been A While...

Like everyone else, I think real life caught up with me last year, and I have been a very bad blogger, you know what's it like, time catches up with you. There have been Birthday's, Christmas and now Spring has sprung. We have one Foal due this year, which is due in April.
I took these photographs today of the Bulbs that are currently blooming their hearts out.
Lots of things have been going on with me health Wise. I think I've had every test and scan known to Man in the past few months. I am going into Hospital again, for quite a major operation in April. But hopefully after that I'll finally be on the road to recovery. Well I'm keeping everything crossed.
Although I've been quiet, on the blogging front, I do keep up with lots of my Mini Friends on Facebook and I have been trying to read as many of your blogs as I can, even though I don't always leave a comment.
I've also been collecting Miniatures, for a project that I hope to start later on this year and I got some wonderful Miniatures for Christmas and my Birthday. So will have lots of pictures and links to share with you all. I am having a few problems adding links to my Mini Links page for the blogs, think I may have reached my limit within that gadget. That's another thing that needs sorting. As I've found some fabulous new blogs, but just can't add the links.
However, something exciting happened here at the end of December, which so nearly turned into a complete disaster. But is now completely back on track and I'll be ready to share with you all soon. And those of you that know, don't let on yet.

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