Friday, 15 July 2011

Accidents Do Happen...

Yes, that's me strapped to the bed in a neck brace. Mick and I were involved in a nasty car crash on Sunday, which was not our fault. The Driver of the other Car pulled right across the road in front of us and we literally had no where to go. The force of the impact pushed the car off the road and we came to a stop, literally ten inches from a solid slate wall. Unfortunately, we both ended up in hospital. Mick had bad whip lash and they thought I had broken my neck!. I can honestly say it was extremely scary, especially after all I thought was wrong, was bruising to my sternum and whiplash. But when I was examined and they saw how tender and swollen my neck was. I was put in a neck brace, then strapped to a bed. I can understand why some people freak out, it one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life. You feel very claustrophobic. Thankfully after 6 hours and loads of X-rays they decided that my neck wasn't broken, but I have torn all the ligaments and muscles in my neck and shoulders. The Doctor warned me that the pain, would get worse, before it gets better, as it takes up to 10 days for all the bruising to come out. I got up yesterday and hurt in places, I didn't even know I had. I'm just so thankful that we are not as badly injured as they first thought. We've certainly got someone looking after us. So most of this week has been taken up with trying to sort out stuff with the insurance, getting the Rental Car delivered and yesterday the Police came to take a statement from Mick and I. The other driver has admitted it was his fault, so we are hoping that it doesn't drag on for too long.
Ben made this lovely Apple Cake to cheer us up and I have to say it's yummy and I'll definitely be getting him to make it again.
Harry is on work experience this week, with one of our friends and is loving every minute. His School actually broke up yesterday for Summer. It's the Royal Welsh Show next week, so the Schools generally break up before the schools in England, so that the Farming Families can attend. So he's off now till September!!!!
Last night, at approx Midnight there was something digging on our muck heap. Now we have no light pollution here and it is Pitch Black of a night. If you look at the bottom picture up on the left hand side, can you make out the Grey Shape. It was a Badger, it was totally unfazed at us watching it and carried on merrily digging for worms. I'm hoping that if it comes back tonight, that I might be able to get some better pictures.
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