Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Busy Busy Busy

As you can see by the title we are very busy here at the moment.. The boys are still off school and Ben's girlfriend Katie is with us until Sunday. Then we have Mick's Mum & Dad coming up next Wednesday for a week. We have been trying to get all the new fencing sorted out, before our impending deliveries arrive (please see my other blog for updates on the Ponies). Also both car's were in the garage last week, the switch had gone on the fan, so engine was overheating and then the pipe from the petrol tank on the jeep split and was leaking petrol everywhere, thankfully both fixed now, but was lost without the jeep as its a good work horse around here, and let me tell you those fencing posts are not the lightest things to carry around. Thank god I have a 6ft 3in strapping son to help me.
Ordered more fencing posts yesterday, and they've just been delivered. At least the sun is shining at the moment.
Need to get on to the man with the lorry to move the static caravan, to its new position. really pleased with how all the ground work turned out. Fencing posts have already been placed in position ready for them to be whacked in with the digger. Still it seems we are finally getting there.
Nothing being done indoors at the moment, spending as much time outside while the weather is good.

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