Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Hospital With Harry..

Went to the hospital with Harry this morning for his follow up appointment. He had more x-rays taken, the Consultant wants to see him again in five weeks. The bone still looks like its floating and has not started to join up yet. He wants Harry to keep the brace and the sling on constantly. The sling is taking all the weight of the arm and the brace is keeping his back straight. We can't even get a t-shirt on him yet! Harry still has a massive yellow bruise on his shoulder. So he can't return to school yet because he can't hold a pen correctly to write and he must try and keep his arm still.. Harry was quite happy about that, means he can spend some time with the new babies. So I'll ring the school tomorrow and explain the situation. Also rang and left a message for his Scout leader explaining that Harry won't be at Scouts for the foreseeable future.

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