Thursday, 24 April 2008


My friend Jayne and her Mum popped up to see us yesterday and see the new babies. While she was here we were sitting in the little paddock and I had my hands spread out behind me. Along came Lil and I didn't move my hand quick enough, and she trod on my fingers. I think the ring finger is definitely broken. Stuck it straight in the water bucket, but couldn't get my wedding ring off. Well by this morning the finger looked like a thick pork sausage and boy does it hurt. Its very bruised and I can't straighten it. So went into town to the jewellers, who cut the ring off for me, I can't describe the relief. Left my ring there to be repaired, but need to go back in 10 days when the swellings gone down so he can re size it. Tash and Brandon also called up yesterday afternoon to see the babies, managed to get some good pictures..
Ben's off school today because of the teachers strike, so he's been doing homework all day. Harry's friend Caulder is over here for the day as well. Will be taking him home shortly.

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