Thursday, 10 April 2008

Trench Is Dug!

The trench has now been finished being dug down the side of the kitchen.. Hopefully now the walls will begin to dry out. We did uncover an air brick under all the soil, no wonder there was damp getting in.. I can't remember if I'd previously said that the water board had been here last week and said that we had a massive water leak somewhere on our property. They said they would come back today to see if it was where we've been digging. Well they've been back today and they now think that its in the barn under the concrete, but its not has bad as they first thought. So what we are going to do is dig another hole, where we know there is a t-junction cap off the pipe that is leaking and run new piping down to the stables.. hopefully that will cure the problem.. The Water Board are coming back next week, to recheck that the leak has been cured..

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